Point Loma Seafoods: What freelancers eat

Point Loma Seafoods exterior

I give kudos to Cool Jerk for introducing me to Point Loma Seafoods years back. I don’t know if he was trying to impress me because he certainly did. He further impressed me by taking me out to lunch on a very recent week day. If we were both working on a Monday, it would almost be an impossibility due to the lines to just park. But he’s unemployed and time is not a convern. Correction: he is freelancing so he could afford to take me out to a nice lunch.

Point Loma Seafood line

By no regards is Point Loma Seafoods a fancy place. It serves dual purpose as a takeout eatery and fish retailer. Upon entering, newbies are often confused as to where the line starts. Little do they know that they is no line. Walk up to the counter, place your order and wait. For fresh seafood to take home, the wait is none existent. It’s packed before your eyes.

Point Loma Seafood stock

I’ve taken seafood home and there’s no question about the freshness. The storefront is right by the harbor. Lobsters, crabs, mussels, fish are available raw or cooked. Also available for sale is bread, seasonings and other things to start create a meal.

Point Loma Seafood shrimp platter

My favorite is the shrimp platter. Six lightly breaded shrimp are served on a pile of fries with coleslaw. The coleslaw is passable and not my favorite but the shrimp are fresh and crispy. Other platters available are fish, crabcakes and mixed (fish, crab cakes, shrimp). Still on the list to try is their clam chowder.

As for Cool jerk, he will be promoting his online comic strip Cool Jerk at the Phoenix Comicon.

3 thoughts on “Point Loma Seafoods: What freelancers eat

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  1. Doesn't seafood look cool in a display case at a fish market? Even the big red letters on the price are charming. King S.

  2. Ah indeed… there is something soothing about seeing the prices on the seafood. Maybe because it hasn't changed much over the years especially with the leaps and bounds of technology??

  3. well. you know me… not much for the seafood so haven't tried this local favorite but i have been to the fish market at the embarcadero. do you know if they share the same owner(s)? anyway, the view is fantastic and as for the food…. i had tuna salad and i'll admit, it was YUMMY.speaking of yummy… did i thank you for surprising me with the cupcakes this weekend? ohmygosh! red velvet is my favorite and these were the first i've had that challenged my mom's personal recipe. THANK YOU FOR THE TREAT! Which place did you buy them at and of course, you know, you'll have to take me before i leave for SD on Monday so I can bring some back for my momma… see you Saturday!

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