Escape from L.A.

Didn’t watch Kurt Russell’s continuation of his movie ‘Escape from New York’ but took an impromptu trip to Santa Barbara County to tour some wineries with a fantastic friend and equally talented photographer.

Little did we both know that many of the wineries we visited were the filming locales of the film Sideways and there is an entire tour that can be taken. But we were only visiting for the wine: my friend, a knowledgeable amateur and me, just an amateur.

Lots and lots of wine was tasted and lots of things learned:

Traffic sign in Solvang

There are two ways to get to Santa Barbara from Solvang, a self-proclaimed Danish city: the scenic way through Santa Ynez followed by a national park or through Buellton.

Sausage bite platter in Solvang

Don’t eat at the first place found regardless how much your stomach is grumbling. The sausage platter can be questionable, unfilling and unsatisfying. Most importantly that sauerkraut is unappealing.

Firestone Winery tasting

At wine tastings: areate the wine, smell, areate again, sip, contemplate the residual flavors, sip. Repeat with next wine.

Lunch at the winery

Pack food to consume between wine tastings. Preferably cheese, crackers and plenty of water to prevent public drunkeness.

Barrels of wine at Firestone

A barrel produces 60 gallons of wine. European oak produces a smoother taste while American oak is more bitter.

Merlot grapes

Grapes used to make wine are not necessarily good for consuming. Grapes used to produce red wine are harvested by hand while white wine grapes are harvested mechanically. (At least at the Firestone Wineries.)

Danish bakery

And Danish bakeries don’t necessarily mean good cheese danishes but the danish cookies aren’t so bad.

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  1. i love it! finally, i got to partake in a blog entry! LOL…had an awesome time my friend! we need to do it again… only next time, we don't get lost AND we sign up for that sideways tour and let someone ELSE do the driving! :)i'll be postin pics a little later. i haven't had time to download the photo from my camera yet. will do so soon. i just got home from work… UGH!hugs!

  2. k… my so-so photos and my attempts at chatting about them are up on what's the up… finally. i am so freakin' busy!!! i need a glass of wine…! LOL…speaking of which, opened up a bottle from Firestone. YUMMY. VINO! VINO! VINO!(~_^)

  3. ooh, that sounds like such a fun trip you took! I agree with you about not eating at the first place you see; we've learned that and used it on our recently road trip north and were pleased with the second eatery we found.Went to Solvang last time…I'm ok with the butter cookies; sometimes the ones that come in the blue tin (that EVERY Asian household has in the cupboard) is better tasing. Go figure…Laters!

  4. oh oh oh…I want to go back there! i loved solvang and that whole area north of LA…wish I had taken more photos when we visited…

  5. Mrs. Wong -I failed to buy butter cookies in Solvang. But maybe on my next trip when I remember to buy something to bring to work!Mita -That part of L.A. is still unknown to me. I wish I had more time to explore Santa Barbara as well. I plan to visit again in November.

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