Quite possibly the best cupcake in L.A. county

Michele Pastry Cafe

A few exits from Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita is Michele Pastry Cafe. From the Victorian Building its storefront is housed in, to the tea accessories, I didn’t think too much of it when I was visiting a comic shop on the fringes of L.A. county.

This past Saturday was 24 Hour Comics Day and Brave New World was one of the few shops open for 24 hours to allow artists to hang out and produce a 24 page comic in 24 continuous hours. I wanted to check out the scene but also discovered quite possibly the most delicious cupcake in L.A. county.

Michele Pastry Cafe

There were no Red Velvets to be seen or other fancy flavors I’ve encountered at the other cupcake places. Michele Pastry Cafe is first and foremost is a full fledged cake shop. Cupcakes are aImost an after thought with less than four dozen in the pastry case with the rest being filled with petit fours, tarts, cookies and other cakes.

Michele Pastry Cafe

I almost passed on the cupcakes completely but the was a champagne cupcake that lured me back. Along with an order of frozen hot chocolate, I had my sugar high for the afternoon.

Michele Pastry Cafe

The frozen hot chocolate didn’t fail its name. It tasted like frozen hot chocolate. As for the champagne cupcake, it was perfect on all accounts. Sweet but not overly saccharine . The perfect ratio of cake to frosting. The cake moist, dense with a hint of champagne flavoring. The only fault with Michele’s Pastry Cafe is the Santa Clarita location.

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  1. Angeleyes-I'll have to send you a list of cupcake places to visit while in Los Angeles.Nero- Maybe cupcakes for your birthday??

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