Birthday dinner in darkness

Luna Park

There’s something to be said for eating by candlelight. I don’t do it because I never have any matches on hand and being the working girl I am, I often find myself eating dinner at my computer at work or in front of the television. But I’ve been wanting to go to Luna Park on La Brea and the Miracle Mile for months now and wanted to take Cool Jerk out for his birthday to some place nice. Well it was nice, but dark. Too dark.

Luna Park

Eighties music thumping. Dark walls. Lots of candles. But not enough candles to be able to read the menu. Cool Jerk is always with his pen light and whipped it out. I told him he was ruining the ambience but after those words left my mouth, our neighbors one table over asked to borrow his penlight.

Luna Park corn dogs in the dark.

From what we could read from the menu, we ordered their interpretation of corn dogs as an appetizer. What came delivered to our table were six mini corn dogs. After taking one bite from them, we realized that they were sliced sausages dipped in a corn batter and served with three condiments: a tomato relish, honey mustard and thousand island dressing.

Luna Park corn dogs

At the risk creating a scene, the flash had to be used to take photos of the meal. The candle light wasn’t working and we couldn’t clearly see what was being eaten. For instance the corn dogs were not the same. Each mini corn dog was a different sausage. It was only on the second corn dog did I realize that the taste and texture were different.


The entrees were flank steak (I’ve been on a red meat kick lately) served with a side of pungent garlic fries while the birthday boy had seabass with butter potatoes and broccoli rabe. Both good but not overly impressive. But we were paying for the ambience with the exception of the homeless guy who loitered inside the restaurant until he was finally chased off by a waiter.


The birthday dessert? It was not had at Luna Park although they do have a ‘make your own smores’ item. Instead we headed over to Doughboys and tried out their red velvet mini cakes. The mini cakes were rich and moist and extremely dense. A perfect accompaniment to the opening of the birthday gifts.

Doughboy's Cake

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