What’s the dif? Liege versus Belgium waffles

Traffic on the 405

Even on Sundays, there is traffic traveling from the San Fernando Valley to the Howard Hughes Center off the 405 to experience liege and Belgium waffles at the Eurostation Waffles.

The Waffle Station at the Howard Hughes Center

It’s a first for me visiting the Howard Hughes Center. Immediate impression is that the only reason most people visit this shopping center is for the movie theater. The surrounding eateries are used mostly to feed the surrounding corporate offices, most notably Univision. If it wasn’t for the sole reason of checking out Eurostation Waffles, I wouldn’t be here. The Eurowaffle Station mascot is somewhat offensive to me. The jaunty hat and the tongue sticking out of it’s mouth is just silly. Does this place really need a mascot??

Liege Waffle from the Waffle Station

Besides waffles, Eurostation Waffles also serves crepes, both sweet and savory but I’m here for the waffles. I order the liege waffle. It’s dense and hot off the waffle iron. Besides the whipped cream, it doesn’t need syrup as it is already sweet. Using a knife and fork to cut into it is useless. This is a sink-your-teeth-into-and-pull-away-pieces-types of waffle.

I did my research before hand and found out the liege waffles are the common type of waffles sold on Belgium streets meant to be eaten on the go. The breadlike dough has large granules of sugar which sweeten it.

Belgium Waffle from the Waffle Station

Cool Jerk on the other hand, orders the traditional Belgium waffle. It’s crispy and airy, much like the recipe I use when making waffles at home. It’s also what we’re both familiar with when we actually traveled to Belgium a few years ago and sought out Belgium waffles. Over the two waffles we tasted, the liege is the best and most filling that we opt for a third waffle to split.

Liege dessert waffle

The liege waffle topped with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of caramel is sooo good. The caramel is a bit of an overkill but nothing dissuades us from finishing the whole thing. My next project is to find a liege recipe to try at home.

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  1. Trin,Whatever you do, don't go to the Waffle Spot in Mission Valley. Nothing spectacular about that place and just awful!

  2. I often eat at some restaurant at The Bridge (usually Kobuki). Passed by that waffle store many a time and wondered about it. Thanks for the info.

  3. What's the difference? What are sold in the US as Belgian waffles are Brussels style waffles. In Belgium, they are the type usually served in restaurants. Liege style are very sweet, dense, crunchy waffles sold in Belgium at kiosks on street corners and train stations. They are primarily eaten as snacks. No contest here. . .j'aime les gaufres de liege.

  4. Hi Debbie,I have been experimenting with different liege waffles and always seem to either overcook them or undercook them. Additionally I'm trying to find the right kind of sugar for the waffles. I heard that the pebble-like consistency can be found at the IKEA food store but going to IKEA on the weekends is last on my list.I'll post an entry as soon as I find something at is significantly close. Good luck for finding a liege recipe yourself!

  5. Liege Waffles are to die for. The secret is the right pearl sugar. I haven't been there, but my guess is that IKEA would sell Swedish pearl sugar, which is decorative and doesn't melt. I found a company online that sells a mix to make them. http://www.grandplacebakery.com. Very authentic.

  6. Hi Anonymous–IKEA does indeed sell pearl sugar. Just recently, I made liege waffles with pearl sugar found at IKEA. Post can be read here.Thanks for visiting!

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