Gelato break near the Brady Bunch house

Gelato Bar flavors

Gelato Bar has only been open for about a month but with the help of Southern California’s indian summer, the place was booming today. All flavors are made at a place less than a mile away specifically for Gelato Bar. Help behind the counter is friendly and isn’t stingy with letting you try as many flavors as you want. But the mood I was in was asking for something rich and their version of dulce de leche fit the bill. I also combined the flavor with a sweet cream flavor with chocolate slivers. Basically a chocolate chip gelato. Other flavors of note include several fruit flavors looking very fresh and colorful.

Gelato Bar gelato

The gelato serving is generous, even for a small cup. There is an option to have the gelato in a cone with no extra charge but there is one for one of the speciality cones which resembles a cookie rolled into a cone shape.

Gelato Bar

Nearby areas include a few Italian restaurants and smaller shops containing interesting window displays. Walking a bit furter into the residential area is the house shot as the exterior for the Brady Bunch house. The house is no longer an avocado green as portrayed in the show and was decked out for Halloween. I didn’t feel like trespassing on private property today so it is unconfirmed whether the backyard has an astroturf lawn. My bet is highly doubtful. But I do bet the Brady Bunch never had a cool little place to get gelato a few blocks away from their home. They probably never even heard of gelato in their micro tv world.

Brady Bunch house 2006
The Brady Bunch house in 2006.

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  1. I've been sucked into being a regular at Pinnochio's in Burbank because of their gelato selection… But I think I may have found a new favorite place. Gelato and Brady Bunch?!?!? My brain just exploded.

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