How could I not visit this place?

I’m starting to really like Eagle Rock. It’s a neighborhood in transition as viewed by the emo-looking hipsters sitting on patios drinking their cups of joe. Even though I did get mooned my a truck of guys one night while checking out the local sites, one place caught my eye that was unfortunately closed but bookmarked for future reference.

Oinkster sign

Oinkster from their signage outside proclaims themselves as slow fast food. On one particular Saturday morning visit, I was the first customer in as they opened their doors at 11. The interior was surprisingly nice and nothing McDonaldy about it: silver tabletops reflect the red seating in a cool diner look. Since being the first customer, all the attention was on my order. Help behind the counter was nice but seemed to really be pushing the pastrami on me. I’m an easy push anyways so an order for a cheeseburger with pastrami was placed.

Oinkster combo meal

In actuality, the combo was ordered which included the burger (the pastrami was extra), Belgium fries (I ordered them crispy) and a drink. It seemed kinda steep for $10+. The burger was tender but not being familiar with pastrami I don’t know how it ranks on the pastrami scale. On whole pastrami is nice but a little too much combined with the burger.

Oinkster frites

What was special about the meal were the fries and the accompanying sauces. Oinkster makes their own ketchup inhouse and it was sweet and with a tad sting of vinegar. The second sauce was a garlic mayo. I could not get enough of this sauce a surprise to me especially since I’m not a big fan of mayo in the first place. It was creamy and it took me several tastes to discover that it was garlic I was tasting and not horseradish.

Would I visit again? Yes, but specifically for the fries and maybe to try a few of their lovely desserts which included a PB&J cupcake.

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  1. pb & j cupcake??? heaven! must try and report back. :)been ill. sorry i haven't messaged. will soon as i'd love to hear details. once i'm feeling better. sending you hugs…

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