Can’t wait to try this out

Introducing the newest baking tool to my kitchen: the ice cream cone cupcake mold!

Ice cream cone cupcake mold

My friend, Ani forwarded me the a Williams & Sonoma email featuring this mold. I thought nothing of it until I found myself in a Williams & Sonoma store a few days before Thanksgiving and had to get one for myself.

Was it because I was depressed about working Thanksgiving night? Maybe but I thought I would be a nice addition to my kitchen wares. Especially since I’m moving away from Los Angeles for a new job and there are no cupcake places nearby.

4 thoughts on “Can’t wait to try this out

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  1. That looks like fun and I'm sure would be much better tasting than actual cones from the supermarket that sometimes get stale!I think your time in LA was not really for sharpening your professional design skills, but to find all the cupcake bakeries and someday bring that "treat" home to San Diego. That would be really cool!!! (Let's start thinking of a catchy bakery name now!)

  2. What a great idea! And I'm sure it would taste better than the store-bought cones that can sometimes be stale.You know I think your time in LA was not to sharpen your design skills but to find as many cupcake bakeries you can so one day you can bring that idea home and start your own biz! Hooray!!! Let's start thinking of a cute bakery name now…

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