Ay caramba! Tijuana!

More signs

I’m ashamed to say that the only parts of Tijuana I’m familiar with are immediate areas near Revolucion, the mecca for nightclubs. I did a lot of underage drinking. Mostly mixed drinks. But this visit was soley for lunch and dessert. No photos were taken of the incredible chicken mole I had, but the desserts had were pretty darn memorable.

I haven’t been in the mood to finish an entire dessert myself so a cafe frio was my choice and the only thing I could translate off the menu. It was an iced coffee, simple and something I needed to help me get through the afternoon.

Former roomie ordered pastel de chocolate, a chocolate cake. She was the reason for visiting Tijuana. A reporter for the San Diego paper, she is currently living in Tijuana. The apartment complex she was living in is a far cry from the shanties on the hillside of Mexico. It’s modern two-bedroom apartment with all the standard apartment necessities minus heating.

The outstanding dessert was the copa al Kahlua, a flan topped ice cream with Kahlua and caramel. Decadent isn’t even close to describe this dessert.

Anna and I trying to scale the fence

Okay now that the food portion is over, witness proof of us trying to scale the border fence from Mexico side. No U.S. guards attempted to shoot us down but the wild dogs down the dirt road did cause a bit of concern.

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