Post Christmas: Cooking-related gift

A few months ago, I expressed a desire to acquire The Mighty Marvel Superheroes’ Cookbook. The item had alluded me on eBay the last few times. Possibily because I just stopped visiting the site. So I eventually forgot that I had any want for the cookbook. So come Christmas Eve, when I opened up a slim package, my eyes went round at the site of the book. Not because I was in possession of this wacky item but because it was in almost mint condition despite the fact it was published in 1977!!

So I have to thank my special friend for the more than thoughtful gift. Please look forward to me recreating recipes on this blog in 2007. I’m thinking the first recipe might even be Galactus’ He-Man Pancakes.

Galactus' He-Man Pancakes

Oh you silly Galactus! Don’t you know that Pancakes are the Earth dwellers?!? Not world-devouring Cosmic entities!

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