Post New Year: Let’s get drunk on cake

Surprising that there is leftover champage following New Year’s Eve. Truth is that I was drinking sparkling cider for New Year’s Eve and know squat about champagne. But I did pick up a bottle of inexpensive champagne (3 for $10) at the grocery store for the sole purpose of making champagne cake.

Champagne cake

My first bite of champagne cake was a few months ago in cupcake form. A former coworker, who obviously knew I had a thing for sweets suggested I try champagne cake. So of course for the next month or so I was obsessed. The same way I was obsessed with trying red velvet cake. One bite of champagne cake and I knew I had to try out the recipe myself.

I don’t know if I should be admitting this but I spend a good amount of time doing reseach online regarding new foods I want to try. Further, it is usually at work where I tend to had a lot of free time on my hands. (The joys of being at a weekly publication.) I eventually narrowed my search down and found a highly rated recipe on which called for almost a cup of champagne.

The recipe itself was straightforward but incredibly dense. Even with the addition of whipped stiff eggwhites, the batter was still an scary lump in the bundt pan. Baking almost an hour and when I finally slipped the cake out of the pan, I feared it would be an inedible mistake. Instead, the texture was pound cake-like champagne flavored cake. Even more, it didn’t require frosting. It was perfect on it’s own.

One truth about the recipe though: one can get a tad tipsy indulging in any leftover batter.

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