The Next American Idol has been chosen…

… the ice cream, not the singer that is. And the flavor chosen was based a panel of one: me.

American Idol ice cream

The cake-flavored ice cream is not overly sweet and the sprinkles throughout add a pleasant crunchy texture. There is also a blue ribbon of frosting swirled in but it doesn’t add any additional flavoring. A plus is that the ice cream has half the calories of regular ice cream. Something I’m sure that even Simon Cowell would approve of. And I admit that in my household, the ice cream lasted less than a week due to an overindulgent person I know. (Advice: one serving is half a cup not a full bowl.)

Other flavors besides Take the Cake in the American Idol line include Hollywood Cheesecake, Triple Threat, Choc N Roll Caramel and Soulful Sundae. Go to Dreyer’s to vote for your favorite flavor and for a chance to see the American Idol finale if you care. (Admittedly, I have never watched one season, least an episode of American Idol.)

3 thoughts on “The Next American Idol has been chosen…

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  1. This new Slow Churn is quite yummy! We have caramel chips/swirl in our freezer. This new rainbow one you've posted looks just like the Betty Crocker cake mix (and frosting) I used for a recent batch of birthday cupcakes.

  2. Slow churned ice cream is the best! My personal favorite flavor is the french silk: vanilla with mocha swirled. It's never to cold for ice cream!

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