A temporary relief from the potato (ball) famine

Frozen potato balls

Somehow, I can’t help but feel like I’m cheating. That if I loved potato balls so much that I should be spending sleepless nights trying to crack the code for potato balls. I’m so close yet still so far.

So maybe I should have diverted my eyes when I saw Goya brand frozen potato balls at the local Cuban grocery store. In little less than 20 minutes, out from the oven comes some wonderful toasty delights.

It’s not exactly the same or delicious as the ones fresh from the bakery, but oh so close…

2 thoughts on “A temporary relief from the potato (ball) famine

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  1. Hi Kristen–I don't know if these brands are available in regular grocery stores since I found these at Andres' Cuban Market in San Diego. But it doesn't hurt to look. Good luck!

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