What desserts in my dreams look like

Extraordinary Desserts

When I eat, I eat with my eyes. But after a quick glance at my hips, taste is an issue too. Extraordinary Desserts fulfulls both those requirements off the bat.

Extraordinary Desserts next to the (puny) Little Italy neighborhood area of San Diego is the second location for Karen Krasne’s sugar wonderland. Ms. Krasne has been creating desserts at the first and original Hillcrest location for over a decade. Her second location is sleeker and more modern but hasn’t lost any of the charm or flavor of the first.

Extraordinary Desserts

Like the first location, upon entering the newer restaurant, your visual senses are overwhelmed by beautiful pasteries, from huge cookies to coffee cake as well as various pasteries decorated with flowers and ribbons. But at the new location a wine bar bar is now available.

If you’re anything like me, selecting from a wide selection takes some time. Am I in a chocolate mood? How much chocolate? How big a dessert and most importantly is anyone sharing?

On this particular day, my very generous friend treated me to an afternoon sugar high. He had never been to Extraordinary Desserts and I had chirped in his ear often enough how wonderful the desserts were. So on this particular visit after a quick calculation, I decided on one slice of cake to share with beverages.

Cappacino cake slice

The cappuccino cake ordered was as expected: rich, decadent, chocolately and most importantly delicious. But one problem. One of us was allergic to walnuts which was sprinkled between the cake layers. Was it deception on my part knowing that he was allergic? Nope. But the cake was fully consumed with no objection.


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  1. Darlene, that cake looks so decadent. How fantastic! And, I love that there is a wine bar in a pastry shop. I thought I was the only one who paired rich chocolate brownies with red wine. This sounds like the place for me. Now, I just need to drive on down to San Diego.

  2. *sigh* Great stuff! Thanks for a stellar, superb, stupendous reminder of this incredible eatery!!(and i'm so missing Kung Food next door *sniffle* that closed its doors… AGAIN!)

  3. Hi Foodette–The cake was decadent as well as all cakes at Extraordinary Desserts. I highly recommend the place if you ever go to San Diego. I'm still new to wine but I'll try it with brownies next time I whip up a batch.Hi Kleopatra–I remember Kung Foods next to the original Extraordinary Desserts. Has been gone a long time if I remember correctly.Hi Jenn–The black and white drink is iced Vietnamese coffee, unmixed.

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