Strawberries are here

Sliced strawberries

I’ve been busy with soooo much work and the last thing I’ve been wanting to do when I get home is to hop on the computer. But I’ve managed to still whip some goodies up. The most recent was a chocolate strawberry shortcake. Unfortunately it was consumed and eaten before a photo could be taken of it.

Before strawberry season is over, I’m looking into recipes for strawberry ice cream. Any suggestions?

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  1. Darlene, I am sorry to say that I have no suggestions for your ice cream. But, I did want to stop by and say that those strawberries look fresh and delicious. Thanks for the link to the recipe – I love a good cheesecake.

  2. Hi D… sorry, no suggestions on ice cream… My auntie brought me back some strawberries from the fields in Carlsbad and OMG! they were the best, hugest, most yummy berries I've had in a long time. Unfortunately, when she called and offered me some, I only asked for one basket because I had just bought some bagged fresh cherries. Well, the one basket of strawberries were gone before I could even try doing anything with them but standing over the sink cleaning and munching on them. So, it left me wanting more… Two days ago, I was at Vons and they had some really nice looking, oversized strawberries. I brought them home, opened up the package and … YUCK! Trying these regular store bought ones so close to having had the awesome locally grown ones was a HUGE mistake. The Vons berries, although beautifully ruby red, tasted like water… and most had a slightly tart tast. My suggestion if you haven't already… head up to Carlsbad strawberry fields and pick up some before the season is over. I'm gonna head up there here soon too for some. OHMY! Heaven…Looking forward to the 30th! See you both then…xo…

  3. Hi Foodette–I absolutely love strawberries. And I absolutely love ice cream. Ah well, the search continues. Hopefully I'll make some delicious mistakes this upcoming weekend.Hi Photogirl–I haven't gotten any strawberries from Carlsbad but should on the way back to San Diego. But I agree that the ones from grocery stores tend to be hit or miss. Usually miss…

  4. Nice photograph!!!P & i went up the coast last month and accidentally stumbled upon Arroyo Grande's Strawberry Festival. It was more like a mini version of the SD Fair coupled w/any of our typical "street fairs" around SD County, but we were able to buy a three-basket pack of strawbs from the Kiwanis folks there that were locally grown in the Central Coast of CA and OMG, were they ever good. Sweet and huge like i could not believe! We ate 'em like candy. They didn't last long!Chocolate strawberry shortcake… YUMMY!!!Probably not (in fact i'm sure not at ALL) what yer lookin' for but… heeeeeeeeree's strawberry ice cream, vegan style:'s the best i can do. Besides being veg, i can't handle milk products and haven't been able to for years!)Good luck on your quest. Thanks for checkin' in here even tho yer busy. Nice to see you post!

  5. Hi Arnold Ziffel, if that is your real name.Bacon update has been temporariliy suspended but should return next month.

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