Pinkberry comes to San Diego

Pinkberry renovation in San Diego

Just when I thought San Diego was safe from the Pinkberry craze which has seemed to taken hold of Los Angeles and surrounding areas, I was wrong.

The former P.B. Home & Garden on the corner of Robinson and 4th Ave., almost smack dab in the middle of trendy Hillcrest, is being renovated into a Pinkberry!

Pinkberry serves designer frozen treats in original plain tart and green tea flavors as well as a variety of smoothies and shave ice. Although previous Pinkberry claims to have the benefits of real frozen yogurt that has changed recently. No real yogurt can be found in the product offered and the company had to remove any wording regarding ‘yogurt’ in all it’s materials.

No opening date has been announced or whether more San Diego locations will open. But it will be interesting to see how locals respond to this L.A. trend.

Personally, I don’t think Yogurt World or Yogurtland have anything to worry about. I was kind of hoping that the cupcake trend would drift south.

More updates on the opening to come when available…

10 thoughts on “Pinkberry comes to San Diego

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  1. Ha ha! You will succumb to the joys of smooth creaminess, San Diego!In all seriousness, I have a weird feeling Pinkberry (Like Pinky and the Brain) are planning to take over the world.

  2. there to easy to copy to take over the world, why do you think there is all these new berries places popping up everywhere?

  3. Yet another reason to visit Hillcrest. Seems there's always something tasty happening in that part of town… Thanks for the head's up. Someday i'll go all the way vegan and really miss frozen yogurt but till then…

  4. I had not heard of Pinkberry until your earlier post. I love frozen yogurt. Sad to see Frogen Yozurt leave Hillcrest. I agree on the dedicated cupcake bakeries though…Especially after reading all your posts on your explorations of them while you were in LA. Speaking of cupcakes, I succumbed! I went to Borders during lunch today and picked up two of the cutest little mini cookbooks. They're part of the "500" series. One is 500 Appetizers and the other… drumroll… 500 Cupcakes. I'll show you Sunday.hugs,me

  5. Hey Darlene – Maybe they'll still be selling hardware…could it be that PB Home and Garden stands for P(ink)B(erry) Home and Garden? LOL!

  6. Hi Foodette–Yes, now San Diego too will fall under the hands of Pinkberry!Actually Hillcrest is notorious for being conquered by several Starbucks stores approxiately 2-3 blocks apart. If Pinkberry is that popular, maybe it will follow Starbucks lead with a second one.Hi Kleopatra–It's always interesting to see what pops up in Hillcrest. It seems to be the revolving door of restaurants. Hi Photogirl–I remember Frogen Yozurt. I knew a former coworker that used to leave the UT early to get her some chocolate froyo at night. My fingers are still crossed for cupcakes to take hold in SD.Hi Kirk–Ha ha… hmm… you might have a point about P. B. Home & Garden. Maybe it was initially a speakeasy for Pinkberry until they thought they could have a hold here…

  7. Pinkberry is spreading like wild fire. I recently went to the grand opening of Red Mango you can see my take at my site: Froyomind I have this feeling that Pinkberry is over franchising just to milk it while they can.

  8. Hi Spoon–Thanks for the link. It's good to know there's a blog watching the froyo trend out in Southern California. I'll check in often.

  9. When is the San Diego Pinkberry opening?! For Christ's, sake… it's October 2007 and they haven't even started construction/remodel of the old PB Home & Garden. Does anyone know what's up?

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