My Sunday fix at the Farmer’s Market

Things done on Sunday: rode bike after a 4-month hiatus, contemplated a job offer in San Diego, shopped around for a new vacuum cleaner that doesn’t blow but sucks and fulfill my Scotch egg addiction.

The bicycle ride was combined with a trip to the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market. Aside from nearly falling off my bike in front of eight people (at least four which were homeless and looked like they could use a good laugh at my expense), Bubbles Gourmet was there with my name on a Scotch egg.

During a pub stop at a Jack the Ripper tour in London, I tried a Scotch egg — a hardboiled egg surrounded by sausage and rolled in breadcrumbs. I wasn’t too impressed with this English delicacy then. The Chinese mustard served along side it was pungent and the jet lag contributed to my lack of appetite. It wasn’t until several years later that I tried it again and immediately became addicted to this concoction. The best tried so far can be found at Hillcrest’s Farmers Market at Bubbles Gourmet for $3.

Bubbles Gourmet at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market

Bubble’s Gourmet is run by Keith “Bubbles” Willis, a ruddy and friendly Brit that knows how to cook a mean some darn good English food–an oxymoron, I’m sure. Instead of the normal deep frying method, he bakes his Scotch eggs and offers them hot to eat on the spot or chilled to eat later. Keith also serves his eggs with an ‘1883 Sauce’ (a spicy ketchup flavor) from Ralph’s. The 1883 sauce doesn’t overwhelm the Scotch egg but pumps up the flavor. The egg itself isn’t rubbery nor have the telltale sign of being overcooked (a green ring around the yolk) but is perfect in all its meaty glory. This would be an ideal food for those on the trendy Atkin’s diet despite the risk of clogged arteries.

I'll have a scotch egg

Bubbles Gourmet sells other British specialities including shepherd’s pie, kidney pies, beef and chicken wellingtons and sausage rolls–also very good. They can also be ordered online. But why order online when you can sample foods around the farmers market and pick up some fresh flowers?

Update: It’s has been 24 hours since my Scotch egg fix and now I have a egg-sized bruise on my thigh from the near wipe-out. It’s only half as appetizing as the real thing.

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  1. What is the sausage like. Is it like American breakfast sausage? Hard boiled eggs always seem a bit dry; Plus,I think hard boiled eggs have been ruined for me by the scene in "cool hand luke" where he eats 50 of them. I feel some urge to wrap that thing in bacon, put a pancake over that and serve it between French toast and you would have the "turducken" of the breakfast world. I hope your bike accident doesn't keep you out of the X-Games. S

  2. "S" I really miss your humor!!!Hmm, British food. I remember we were near a pub and fish and chips sounded so good; but the pub was not kid-friendly so what did we do? Found a Long Johns Silver…ick!!!

  3. Okay I'm ashamed to admit this but those eggs look delish.P.S. Mrs. Wong you should go to Maggie's Pub in Santa Fe Springs for the best fish and fritters you've ever had in your life!Kid friendly!

  4. Hi Steve-The sausage is regular pork sausage. The thing that's really good about this is the lack of oil. But I agree that hardboiled eggs can be overkill. Reminder: must see Cool Hand Luke.Hi Mrs. Wong-I went to Long Johns Silver recently and I still can't figure out that confetti of batter drippings at the bottom of a meal. Are you suppose to eat that??Hi JustJenn-I had to too twice and they do like eyeballs. Delish eyeballs at that.Hi Jeena-Thanks and I'll try to visit your blog.Hi That Girl Can Eat-They not only look good but are good too!

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