The scent of your candles say a lot about you

Hmm... carbs...

My candles say “When’s Thanksgiving?”

5 thoughts on “The scent of your candles say a lot about you

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  1. Okay, I LOVE mashed potatoes. In fact, they are my favorite food, but there are lines. That sounds not good, but I guess I'd have to smell for myself. Another line? The Garlic Mashed Potato Martini at Lola's in WeHO

  2. Wow. i would love the scent of this! But you know what i *don't* like? Buttered popcorn Jelly Bellys. Ugh.

  3. Hi JustJenn-I can't begin to imagine what a gravy scented candle would smell like. Maybe I shouldn't even try.Hi Sarah-The candle isn't overwhelming just bizarrely smelling of butter. But I can only have it lighted for a short time.Hi ChubbyPanda-LOL! If every night were mashed potato night, my body would lok like mashed potatoes!Hi Kleopatra-I agree that the buttered popcorn Jelly Bellys are quite gross.

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