Watching my county burn down

I’m anxiously flipping through television channels and hoping that the fires burning through San Diego County die down soon. It’s a repeat of the 2003 fires.

Reports are predicting another day of harsh Santa Ana conditions and I’m just preparing for the worst. (I already have important documents in a case ready to go at a moment’s notice.)

Fortunately for me, living in central San Diego is quite a different thing than living in Rancho Bernardo, where many of the homes have already burned to the ground. There is still a sense of normality with the exception of the ash and soot that has filled the air.

The only thing keeping me grounded? Perusing odd recipe books. Yeah, I have to keep my sense of humor in times like these. So sue me.

"The Gallery of Regrettable Food" scan

Scanned from “The Gallery of Regettable Food.”

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  1. It is so horrifying and tragic. i feel like we're living in Hell, and i don't even believe in a "hell," per se.Bought and brought a bunch of items over to Qualcomm Stadium yesterday, mostly for people's pets, and am making cookies tomorrow for two of the SD Fire Departments that are near where i live… i can't get rid of the feeling like i have to DO SOMETHING. ANYthing… it's not quite "survivor's guilt," but it's something close to it.It's so incredibly horrifying…

  2. I feel for everyone in San Diego right now (and in all of the fires). I take it you were not evacuated? It's almost over now!

  3. Hi JustJenn–Heh… yeah, that satan type got to me too. 24 comics day was well 24 hours. I didn't do the work. Heh.Hi Nanette–Thanks! Just a lot of smoke and dust.Hi Geefunk–Thanks! Finally some clear air!Hi Chubbypanda–Yeah, Orange County took a beating too. I've never known the danger to be as high as it was in the past.Hi Kleopatra–I was in shock too! That's a great idea about bringing cookies to the fire department!Hi Foodette–Thankfully no evacuation but a lot of my coworkers were affected. I'm so thankful that's over.Hi Lapa–Thanks!

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