Getting Thanksgiving over with

I have a tradition in my household on the last Thursday of November. It’s not to roast a whole turkey. It’s to have an anti-turkey meal.

I’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving that way for at least half a decade. Depending on guests who insist on having a turkey or the freakish year I had to work on that day, it has been turkey-free. In replacement are crustaceans: lobster, shrimp, crab.

But I still like my roast turkey. So in lieu of having turkey this year on Thanksgiving, I got it out of the way yesterday.

With Halloween only a few days away, the selection for turkeys was slim. The holiday produce are starting to be stocked in the grocery store. Egg nog is already in the refrigerated aisle, pumpkins are piled outside, etc.

As for the recipe for turkey, I used Jamie Oliver’s version which calls for stuffing the breast with a ground pork filling and piercing the leg and thigh areas with bacon wrapped with garlic and rosemary to keep the meat moist.

Here’s the recipe:
Jaime Oliver's roast turkey

And here’s my turkey:
Turkey on October 28

BTW: The recipe was from Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook Cook with Jamie: My Guide to Making You a Better Cook.

4 thoughts on “Getting Thanksgiving over with

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  1. You're turkey looks damn good! The recipe sounds amazing. Which book is it from? I really want to try this now.

  2. Mmmm… Looks great. I love turkey. If we had more than two people in the house, I'd roast one up every night.

  3. Hi Geefunk–The recipe is from 'Cook With Jamie' that was just released this October. The recipe was relatively simple and I highly recommend it.Hi Chubbypanda–I love turkey too and there are only two people in my household as well and that didn't stop us from making a 6 lb. turkey!Hi JustJenn–There is something dirty about an orange between the turkey legs!

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