Halloween 2007 – A wrap-up

So Halloween 2007 was uneventful. In my part of the city where I’ve seen some odd costumes in previous years, this year was actually quite tame. Years before I’ve witnessed full-sized Powerpuff Girls ride around in a convertible, the entire Adams family seated at City Delicatssen and a camouflaged duo hide in bushes and scare unsuspecting victims.

Maybe it was the fact that Halloween fell on a Wednesday, or the fires were contained a few days earlier, but costumed folk were slim. Here’s a wrap-up:

Seen on the way to work
Seen on the way to work. I don’t know what this guy’s scene is but there must be a story behind it.

Costumed folk walking in Hillcrest
A few costumed folk walking around Hillcrest. This Jason Voorhees was one of two seen that night.

Adult lobster outside of Sushi Deli
Seen on the way back to my place: one cranky lobster outside of Sushi Deli. When the first shot didn’t turn out, he started berating me.

Not photographed: several pirates, hoochie mamas, tennis playa, a couple of hefty Little Red Riding Hoods, Phantom of the Opera driving around in his minivan and an guy in a pink bunny costume.

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  1. That is funny – I love the lobster! I had a very uneventful Halloween, myself. But really, isn't it all about the candy?

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