Batter Blaster is (not) mother-flippin’

You know those guys that line up at Costco for free samples? You might see me there because that’s what I do for fun on the weekend.* Between the sausages and Joint Juice, I had my first taste of Batter Blaster and succumbed, against my better judgment, to the Batter Blaster lure.

The sample I tried was not bad but I did not walk away with a three-pack of those aerosol cans ($9).

No, I waited. Then I started seeing them everywhere… including my neighborhood Albertson’s, where the checkout clerk eyed my purchase and asked about it and if I thought it was really organic. As usual, I just shrugged and pretended I did not know English.**

Batter Blaster pancakes

The can sat in my refrigerator a few days until 2008, when I decided to make pancakes (one of two recommended uses for the batter). After the first attempt, the squeezage of the nozzle tip became familiar, but I was still unprepared for how much and how fast the batter squirts out. Suddenly there’s a huge pancake in the pan. The flapjacks were unusually light and airy and sweeter than other pancake mixes.

Using Batter Blaster in the waffle iron

The Batter Blaster waffles did not turn out so well. My Belgian waffle maker created overly airy waffles that made it soggy once it hit the plate. No crispy waffles here. The knife and fork technique against the soggy squares were useless. The only good utensil was your teeth and that was to pull it apart.

Batter Blaster instructions

Overall, pretty pricey for the sake of convenience. How this goo is considered “organic” I don’t know…! Clean-up was a breeze; just a quick rinse of the nozzle under hot water. One can is about $6 at Albertson’s and yields 28 4-inch pancakes. The plates were not bottomless.

*Not true.
**I know English.

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  1. My mom and sisters and i, when we were lots younger, sometimes used to talk to each other in a made-up language in stores when we wanted people to think we couldn't speak English. Ah, the '70s…Anyway, what's with that video? It's kind of snappy and cool!I saw that batter at COSTCO the other day and thought of you… i wasn't curious enough to buy the three-pack so thank you for testing it out.

  2. i can't believe what people come up with, and you always seem to find it! I don't know what they put in there to make it work like that. I think i will stick to the shake and mix pancake mixes…

  3. I do not approve of this stuff. And while it may be organic, I don't think an aerosol can is good for the environment. HA.BUT HIPHOPPOPOTOMUS IS MY FAAAVVEE!!

  4. Hi Burning Kitchen, I'm so glad I found you. Thanks for trying out the pancake batter, Lord knows there have been times when we've all needed pancakes…fast! I do agree with justjenn, though. It seems like a lot of packaging and waste for a little convenience.

  5. Hi Foodette–It was definitely bizarre but so bizarre that I had to try it. But lesson learned, I won't buy it againHi Kleopatra–The video is from the HBO show Flight of the Conchords.Hi Nanette–You know me, always trying out some bizarre crap like this. I miss FOTC too!!Hi Susan–I'm wonder what they'll come up with next. I can't even imagine…Hi Just Jenn–I think buying and using this aerosol batter had increased my carbon footprint by 10. Arrest me please.Hi Anonymous–Thanks for visiting. I agree that there are other ways to make fast and convenient pancakes. This is not one of them.

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