Screw you, Archimedes

They can put a man on the moon…

…but they can’t figure out how to make a leak-proof lid to a creamer bottle!


I like International Delight’s fat-free, vanilla-flavored, non-dairy coffee creamer. So much so that sometimes I just buy a quart and start chugging (you should see the faces on the people at the gym when I do that). But damn, unless you can exhaust the whole container in one sitting, the freaking cap starts to leak. And by “leak” I mean “use some bizarre physics principle like Archimedes’ screw to siphon creamer from the bottle and out the cap.”


I mean, c’mon! It looks like someone used the fridge for a bukkake party.

So now, I have to drain a new jug of creamer into another container immediately upon opening, otherwise it’s a ticking time bomb. I hope the folks at International Delight talk with the Woolite people and take some tips on how to avoid leaky tops. That, or change their name to “International Pain in the Ass.”


13 thoughts on “Screw you, Archimedes

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  1. "It looks like someone used the fridge for a bukkake party."Holy crap, Batman. We never heard language like this when Darlene was in charge!!! My virgin ears!

  2. And it's not just International Delights! The plastic creamer bottle leakage issue seems to span all brands. Soooooo annoying!

  3. I laughed. I think it's going to be a funny month.Think about sending an e-mail comment to the Internationl Delight's company. You never might get a response.

  4. Already this blog has turned filthy. And cursing, too. This Paul hooligan needs to be restrained. Sincerely, A Concerned Reader

  5. Darlene — Yes, yes it is.JustJenn — In a display of restraint, I decided against linking to "bukkake." You're welcome.Photogirl, Nicole and Mrs. Wong — Thanks for the feedback. I talk a lot of smack but never really follow up with "official" letter-writing campaigns. Writing letters is hard!Anonymous — Restrain this.

  6. The people complaining about your language have obviously never been subjected to this particular flavor of design flaw hell.

  7. Danielle, My little sister was crippled for life in an accident with a flavored non-dairy creamer, so I do have some experience with such "design flaw" heck. Nevertheless, we don't use dirty words, not even when the insurance company wouldn't pay for little Susie's cowlick treatments. Sincerely, A Concerned Reader

  8. Danielle — Yeah, you'd think someone in the International Delight Research & Development department would've spotted that.Anonymous — Speaking of language… where I come from, "cowlick" is a misdemeanor.

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