Get your game on

Among the too-tight costumes in 80-plus temperature, I first spied this shirt at last year’s comic convention.

Meat is Murder. Tasty tasty murder.

It was actually worn by several people including my friend from Iowa, SuperFro. For several months, it has been out of stock at but it just recently became available again. Also at the Web site is a gallery where you can view or submit photos of yourself wearing the shirt. Most of them are funny portraying people chewing on a meat with a zombie-fied look on their face.

This is definitely something I would wear but 1) I don’t really wear t-shirts because of my wide shoulders and 2) I’m perfectly happy with my full-grain leather shoes.

If I did own this shirt, then I would definitely wear it to the Tractor Room.

Elk sausage
Look — there’s also fruit in close proximity of my elk sausage!

It’s totally not what you think. Or maybe it is.

The Tractor Room is a restaurant located in Hillcrest, the former location of Rice Jones. The Tractor Room serves game meat which includes wild boar, buffalo and elk. For the less gamey meat, salmon and shrimp is also available. And would you be surprised if I told you that almost all the menu items are served on an iron skillet? I thought so. As for the food, the portions are HUGE and would be enough to fill up a lumberjack.

Tractor Room decor

The Tractor Room is actually quite swanky with a lot of hipsters hanging around. They serve impressive cocktails and their decor could be described as an ultra-lounge hunting room with the dark wood, red leather booths and of course, antlers. Vegetarians? Not welcome.

And of course, next time I’m at the Tractor Room, I’ll bring a copy of Meatpaper.

Yes, it’s a magazine about meat, but not meat recipes — it’s a journal of meat culture. It’s been listed as one of the best magazines of 2007. They’re on their third issue which includes an article on meat styling for every day objects. The articles are thought provoking and a hefty read. It’s not a surprise to me that such a publication exists. With the prevalence of a vegetarian lifestyle, the emergence of this counter culture is not a surprise and that’s fine with me.

If all of this is not enough for you to chew on, try this.

7 thoughts on “Get your game on

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  1. I was actually waiting for the matching bacon thong. On second thought, maybe if I have some boobage action, I might get more hits. Hmm…

  2. I had some really good spicy bear sausage not too long ago.I didn't actually shoot a bear (because I'm a big pansy), but my cousin did..

  3. Horn–You are one strange man. I guess that's why I'm so fond of you.Caveman–Whoa… bear! You got me beat. I think the maybe the oddest thing I've eaten was goat. I don't think I can do frog legs.

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