Diverted to Indianapolis

Flying into Chicago's Midway Airport

The trip to Chicago last Sunday wasn’t as smooth as I hoped it would be. I knew something was wrong when the pilot attempted to make two attempts at landing at Chicago’s Midway airport and each failed attempted made me a little more nervous. Or maybe it was the turbulence. But after the second attempt, the airplane got further and further away from Chicago until we were Indianapolis.

Yes, a full state away. Little did I know of a huge storm that was brewing over the Midwest and the one hour flight delay in Indianapolis was better than trying to land during a wind sheer.

But all the passengers were treated to as much pretzels and peanuts as they wanted. And the actual flight back to Chicago an hour later proved to have spectacular clouds.

Clouds over Chicago

But there are a lot of stories to tell. More to come later!

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  1. I hate plane horror stories, but the pictures are really great. Glad to hear you made it there eventually, and I can't wait to read where you ate!

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