Burning Kitchen Goes To White Castle

Drive thru menu

When I’m on vacation, I try to avoid fast food establishments as much as possible. The plan once we arrived in Chicago was to hop in the rental car and get myself a Chicago dog with all the fixings before heading off to East Lansing, Michigan. But the storm changed things around. Mother Nature is like that.

Instead of arriving at 2 p.m., we arrived at 4. As for those breaded chicken tenders… eh… not so filling. Especially true when the last real meal had was at 5 a.m. pacific standard time and those little snack pack were meant for toddlers.

Hotel reservations were made and daylight was being lost. In addition, the grumblings in my stomach were constantly reminding me that I must consume something to fill the four hour drive between Chicago and East Lansing.

Enter Michigan City’s White Castle.

Michigan City's White Castle

When my dad was stationed at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Illinois, I recall seeing White Castles frequently. We never had an opportunity to try some but I filed it away in my prepubescent mind that it was some regional delicacy.

‘Delicacy, ha!’ you must be saying in your mind right now. But I’m using the word loosely. Much like In-N-Out and Jack in the Box are relegated to a few southwest states, White Castle is only available in a few mideast states. So in some twisted way in this visit, I did try something out of the ordinary that I wouldn’t get in Southern California: a White Castle burger!

Bacon cheeseburger

To be faithfully honest, I didn’t expect much. I recall hearing somewhere that White Castle’s square patties are steam grilled. Not entirely an entirely appetizing concept. But it might have been the extreme hunger or lack of sleep but it wasn’t too bad.

Unfortunately since the White Castle burger was first introduced in 1921 at 5 cents a burger, the price is currently at 55 cents today.

As for eating it by the sackful, it’s just not my bag. (I could only eat two max.) Besides I had some delicious perch waiting for me in East Lansing.

10 thoughts on “Burning Kitchen Goes To White Castle

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  1. yeah… i've never had a real white castle hamburger so i can't really say anything about them, but my opinion has always been – really how good could a fast food hamburger be?!? 🙂

  2. Amanda–I think at first my expectations were low. So they surprised me that it was as bad as I expected. Not great. And I agree, that most fast food hamburgers are neh.

  3. It seems to me that these burgers are something guys get excited about. At least you can say you've tried one. Give me an InNOut cheeseburger, or Jumbo Jack with cheese anyday.

  4. Jodi–Thinking of reheated, microwaved burgers is not appetizing at all.Mrs. Wong–I agree, bring an In-N-Out any day!RonW–Yeah, comparatively $.55 is nothing at all.

  5. They have White Castles in New Jersey, too! It's a good place for them. In fact, that's where "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" was set.The burgers are put on the grill, and they have 5 holes in them. Dehydrated onions are put on top, and then the buns. Somehow they steam/cook. I've never had one – every WC I've ever seen has been in a sketchy neighborhood – but I've seen the Unwrapped: Burgers on Food Network a few times.

  6. Cara Mia–I think I saw that same program on the Food Network! I agree that I recall most White Castles being in sketchy parts but the one I visited in Michigan City was nice and clean. Otherwise, I don't think I would have gone there. Unfortunately I have not seen Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

  7. Yeah, I'm not so sold on WC, but I think people like the fact that they are small, so they fell like they can eat a lot without eating a lot. Still, a steamed burger is kinda beyond me.

  8. Foodette–I can't out how some people can eat a "sack of burgers" as listed on their menu. It includes four or more burgers. That's just gluttony.

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