It grows wild in Michigan

This is what wild rhubarb looks like

In Haslett, Michigan, wild rhubarb runs rampant in “the woods.”

I don’t know if people gather it wild and use it for home consumption but the idea of just being “in the woods” freaked me out just a little. This is the Southern California girl in me talking, of course.

Also seen in Michigan was my first ever cardinal. I would post a photo but the photos I took don’t do it justice. Instead I’m linking to a photo of one by one of my favorite artists and Flickr contact, Stuart Immonen.

Other critters I saw but didn’t take pictures of include a raccoon, opossum, white-tailed deer, a woodchuck, a painted turtle, red-winged blackbirds, American robins, Canada geese, cranes, squirrels, a chipmunk and dime-sized mosquitoes. Did you know a woodchuck is just another name for a groundhog?

After seeing rhubarb, it makes me want to try some rhubarb recipes at home.

Up next: Stuffed to my gills in Cleveland and Chicago.

7 thoughts on “It grows wild in Michigan

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  1. Yummy, rhubarb! You know what would taste delicious on rhubarb, especially if you put it on top of a rhubarb pie? This nifty product called Pop'rs. You should check it out!

  2. Veggie Mom– I've never never heard of Pop'rs but I'll check it out when I attempt to make a rhubarb pie.

  3. Cindy–A second vote for rhubarb pie!Cara Mia–Yes, I was warned that the leaves are poisonous. I wonder what else was poisonous while I was in the woods?Ron W–That's good to know. Now I'm interested to see what the females look like.

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