Battle Creek, Michigan — It’s GR-R-REAT!

Those cereal box designers had a great audience when I was growing up.

Before there was the internet and cable television to steal my attention at the breakfast table, I had the cereal box. Every morning after pouring myself a heaping bowl of Apple Jacks, part of my nutritious breakfast and the cereal of preference, the cereal box always had my rapt attention.

I don’t care if I saw it yesterday or the day before, there was always something that interested me… whether it be a puzzle on the back or the snazzy design on the front. It was always interesting.

I suppose that’s why I knew from the get go that Battle Creek, Michigan is the home of Kellogg’s Cereal. It’s always been right there on the box, duh.

Front of Cereal City, USA

So when I saw that Battle Creek was en route to East Lansing, a stop was a necessity. Everything in Battle Creek reeked of Kellogg, from street names to buildings and auditoriums. But I was on the hunt for a sign of the elusive tiger.

Tony the Tiger

Unfortunately, Battle Creek has seen its share of hard times. Kellogg’s Cereal City, USA, a museum devoted to the cereal industry and culture has permanently closed.

Standing behind of the barred facility, Tony the Tiger was seen on top of a water tower along with previous incarnations of his other looks. But the real payoff from this stop? The smell of sweet cereal dust permeated the air. It was at that moment I wanted to pop myself a cold one (1% lowfat).


Check out retro cereal box art here.

8 thoughts on “Battle Creek, Michigan — It’s GR-R-REAT!

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  1. Awesome! I was a cereal box reader too.I'm pretty sure the cereal box top redemption dept. (toys) has my name in bold letters. Every since my boys started eating cereal I've been sending away for various toys. The most impressive was a Cars license plate; I thought it would be one of those teeny tiny ones you can put on a bike or something, but nooo, imagine our surprise when we receive one the same size as the ones that you get for the car. Just recently got a "leggo my Eggo" fridge magnet/alarm; waiting on Indiana Jones flashlight; and soon will mail away for Hot Wheels pocket radio. The boy love them.

  2. Mrs. Wong–Glad to hear your boys are getting into the habit of reading cereal boxes too.Rose–Yeah, I'm surprised I saw that site too. What a find!

  3. i love it! GREAT post. i'm a big cereal person, and have been since i was a little kid. Of course always read boxes and loved any toys inside… Thanks for visiting there and sharing with us.

  4. Hello there! I am from Battle Creek, MI born and raised. Sorry you didn't get to see 'Cereal City'. When I was a kid in the 80's and we were bored or hungry we just took a Kelloggs tour and got a free full size box of cereal; I always picked Apple Jacks, and we'd sit on the curb and eat the whole box. Great memories and it's no wonder we didn't put them out of business. lol

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