Nice cans. Are they real?

Diet Coke Spam Bacon

Delicious… or delicious?

I’m pretty sure one is real. Maybe both. Maybe neither. Thoughts?


12 thoughts on “Nice cans. Are they real?

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  1. I LOVE Diet Coke and I LOVE bacon, but together? I don't think so. I know the Spam w/bacon is real because there is a can in my cabinet that my man-toddler purchased, but has been too scared to eat!

  2. I seen bacon spam before but not soda, i doubt …i be shock if there's such a thing, I wonder how it would taste like.

  3. Weirdly, I agree with the Dr. Pepper comment. Although I could totally live without bacon. I am weird, I know.

  4. Regular Spam or Spam Lite has become a staple in our pantry. Spam w/Bacon…for special occasions only. Hmmm, we have a wedding anniversary coming up. ha!!

  5. Spam w/Bacon is a bit too salty for me…(like just regular Spam isn't enough). So I used it to make a Spam w/Bacon Katsu Loco Moco…which just made me feel a whole lot better.

  6. Thanks to all who chimed in. Indeed, the Coke is bogus. I do — however — have some bacon-flavored mints in my possession.

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