Food graffiti

Food graffiti

Seen at a Sizzler parking lot in Pasadena.

And no, I did not eat there.

8 thoughts on “Food graffiti

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  1. That is funny. It would have been better, though, if it were: (HEART) Langostino. I always remember sizzler's steak and langostino. What in the world is a langostino. Sounds like an insect. S

  2. "anonymous S"…you have a good memory and are very funny. I remember those Sizzler's specials too! I'm surprised Sizzler's is still in business.

  3. Bavarian Erin–Heh. Good point. Maybe declaration??Steve–I believe langostino is lobster but en espanol.Foodette and Recipe Girl–Apparently all-you-can-eat-shrimp can make one do crazy things.Jodi–If you see a (heart) potato ball at the Burbank area, you can look at my direction.

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