Hillcrest: Desserts, pizza and Pinkberry

Hillcrest sign

Living near Hillcrest offers a lot of opportunities for me to walk into the neighborhood and discover new stores. Places I like to frequent include a used bookstore, a candy shop and a few restaurants. Over the last few months, a few places have popped up that have caught my interest.

Mille Feuille Chocolate

Among them is Mille Feuille Chocolates and Patisseries. Mille Feuille opened at the end of August on the corner of 5th and University. Over the years that store front housed a Gap and a real estate company. Now it’s a full-fledged cafe that sells desserts and sandwiches. The interior is white, chic and in my opinion, overly fussy for the surrounding restaurants. On a recent visit, a measly $4 peanut eclair eaten in the restaurant (which was quite good) included a whole production where a white-shirted waiter produced two water glasses and cloth napkins with brass napkin rings. I wonder what would have happened if I ordered more than one dessert and maybe even a sandwich.

On another note, Mille Feuille does produce their own macarons in house.

Fusion Pizza

Another place that caught my eye is Pizza Fusion — kitty-corner from Mille Feuille on 5th Avenue. What previously housed Shwoomp! is now an organic pizza restaurant. The menu seems intriguing and, admittedly, I’m more allured by their claim that their pizza can “save the Earth.” I plan on trying this place sometime in the future.

Hillcrest Pinkberry

The most notable place though is Pinkberry. I noted over a year ago that the former PB Home and Garden on 4th Avenue was closed to make way for a Pinkberry. Well, it finally opened (second location in the Gaslamp Quarter opened first).

I’ve been seeing people as far as five blocks away walking with their cups of Pinkberry and although I won’t condemn the store, it’s just not something I’m into. I’ve plopped down $4 to try a small original with Capt. Crunch at the Studio City location and walked away unimpressed. But it does seem that nearby businesses are hoping to benefit from Pinkberry’s popularity. What Pinkberry and drycleaning have in common — I don’t know.

But one note about the new Hillcrest location: the employees are overeager to enforce the no photo policy, even from public sidewalks. It was a delight to defeat him with my knowledge of that law.

Pinkberry "Don't take photos!" guy
My parting shot. (Head cropped to conceal identity.)

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  1. I'm looking forward to trying mille fleurs, esp if they have good macarons! Mmm!Pinkberry is intriguing and I have to try it at least once. It seems pretty popular and its nice to see something pretty and shiny instead of a building site, which I've had to look at for over a year!Thanks for the reports!

  2. I am almost too eager to 'break the law' at places that don't know the law concerning photos.It's like a fun game…

  3. Awesome! Pinkberry took for friggin ever to open. Mille Feuille is tasty. but your link isn't working! Go Hillcrest!

  4. Whenever I take photos I just make sure there are no discernable faces (especially other kids) cuz I mostly take photos of my boys playing and post them for family. I don't understand why that Pinkberry guy was so against you taking photos. Have I been out of the know for a while?

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  6. I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood where I could discover fun shops just by walking around. Walking, as opposed the hiking, which is what I'd have to do if I was 'sploring on food in Orange County.

  7. Pinkberry??? In San Diego?? Of course, I'll have to try it. I read those celebrity magazines. Will have to see what all of the fuss (or not) is about!Strange no picture policy, eh?

  8. JennyWenny–Macarons are wonderful. I'll be interested to see what you think about Pinkberry.Caveman–I love testing people's sense of law especially when they are wrong.McKimmie-Style–Yeah, it took over a year for them to open. Seems relatively simple to open. Now there are several other frozen yogurt places that have popped up before they opened.Chris–Golden Spoon is pretty good but being the control freak I am, I like the self serve places.Mrs. Wong–I've encountered a few places where photo is a no-no and I've read other food bloggers encountering the same problems.ChubbyPanda–I know where you're coming from. I used to work in Orange County and you have to drive everywhere!RecipeGirl–If you find out the secret to Pinkberry, let me know. Maybe it's a celeb thing.

  9. pinkberry & their no picture policy: seems hypocritical about the photos. on their site, there is a photo of the interior: on the ceiling there are 2 visible security cameras. if they can take your picture while you are there, without you permission, it seems dumb that they have a problem with you photographing their building…

  10. Caroline–That's a good point. I don't know the reasoning for their no photo policy. Maybe it's like the no photo policy in Las Vegas casinos that what happens in Pinkberry, stays in Pinkberry.

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