I should hope so

Ingredients: corn

Seen from Whole Foods salad bar and photo taken with my phone.

8 thoughts on “I should hope so

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  1. I can see the Soylent Green movie now. Charlton Heston screaming: "Corn is Korn." In a post apocalyptic world, the govt. turns to an untapped food source — feeding lame bands to an unknowing populace – Hole Foods – starring Courtney Love (You can't live off "Doll Parts") and Lou Diamond Phillips. P.S. Come on, Kellypea: If you've got great stories, tell us some or at least give us a taste – this is a food blog. S

  2. Caveman–Corn.Dangarion–That's a good point.Mrs. Wong–And I'm not a fan of lima beans. Gak!Kellypea–Stories? You're leaving me hanging…Steve–I guess it's like crab can be krab.

  3. Go to the grocery store and pick up a bag of frozen shrimp. The kind that you would think has just one ingredient. Check the ingredients…that may not be all that's in there.

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