Summer days driftin’ away, to uh-oh those summer nights

I’m sad summer is over. It’s been eventful in many ways: a summer vacation to the Midwest, a marriage proposal from my best friend and — of course — the annual comic-con in San Diego where I met many old and new friends that I don’t see far too often.

Abby Denson’s Hello Kitty bag
Abby Denson’s rocking Hello Kitty purse!

One person I met at the San Diego Comic-Con was Abby Denson. Abby is a illustrator and comics cartoonist living in Brooklyn who not only shares my love of all things made with sugar, pink and black, Hello Kitty but also cute boys.

But she takes things further. She not only knowledges her love of desserts, she reviews them in comic form for Brooklyn’s The L Magazine.


As with most summer memories, it’s not clear how we started talking about food but when we discovered our love to share food experiences I felt I had found a kindred spirit.

As with most kindred spirits, we’re approximately the same age and could remember verbatim certain Duran Duran videos and the fact that Simon LeBon wore a short cut-off glove in the video for “The Reflex.” But Abby one-uped me on that account just as she did with our love of food — she created a mini-comic based on the cute boys of the ’80s.

The mini-comics not only features a certain member of Duran Duran but also Keanu Reeves, Billy Idol and Adam Ant. And we both agreed that if she ever ventured to do a version for the 1960s, that Davy Jones of The Monkees would be at the top of the list.

Unfortunately our meeting was as short as the party we both attended that led us to this fateful meeting, but that’s what summer is made out of: memories. Now on to cooler weather!

Abby Denson is the creator of of Tough Love: High School Confidential, City Sweet Tooth and The Girl’s Guide to Guys Stuff.

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  1. Kudos on the reference! =) I gotta make it down to SD for this next year. My friends always go and I'm always busy. =/

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