Food and mail — what not to do

So did you hear about the news this week where someone mailed bacon to a Republican Congressman as a message about pork barreling?

Turns out it wasn’t such a good idea. The bacon leaked through the package and forced evacuation of the office. A bomb squad came in and discovered it was just food. Personally, receiving bacon for me would be a plus because I love me some pork. But sent to any elected official — they aren’t as appreciative.

Beef jerky via postal mail
Beef jerky was apparently “damaged” by the post office and sealed in a plastic bag upon delivery. Scanned cheese single below.

This incident reminds me of the the times I’ve sent food through the mail. Mostly to test out what would go through the post office and be delivered. Actually quite a lot.

I sent a cheese single and that made it. Then I tried a big flat slab of beef jerky with the stamps and mailing label stapled to it. That made it, too. Then I pushed my luck with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with the mailing label & postage tied through a corner like a Christmas tag. Only the tag arrived, making me forever wonder what became of the sandwich and how many machines at the post office got screwed up by my experiment.

Mind you, this was in a pre-9/11 world and I would NOT recommend it now.

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  1. For my birthday once, my grandpa sent me a quail (raw). From NY to LA. He froze it, stuck it in some ziplock bags and mailed it. WHAT?! It came to our house and we promptly threw it out. We had to tell him we didn't eat it, and that it was probably illegal to send dead animals via USPS. He was very upset we wasted a perfectly good quail.We called it my quail mail birthday.

  2. JustJenn-Yeah, we'll see if I ever get some turkey and mashed potatoes. I'm looking forward to itSarah–Ugh… I have lost for words.

  3. I had no idea you are permitted to send food through the mail in the States… here in Oz, it's totally off-limits, no matter how much you whimper and stomp your foot in detest. If only this innovation would come here!

  4. Matt–Food is permitted to be sent via mail in the U.S. but there are restrictions on liquids and other substances that might cause alarm especially since the terrorist attacks on September 11.

  5. I have a cousin who lives in small town New Jersey, she constantly ask me to send her specialty Asian food. Three times I sent her 10 of those to-go containers of cooked food via express mail. She received all three times without any damages.

  6. One time I sent baklava to my friend in England… from the USA. Of course, I wrapped it with like a kajillion pounds of wax paper, then plastic, then foil, then put it in a special box and duct taped it (so much that when his dog got a hold of the package before him, he couldn't rip through it)…. And he ate it and said it was great.Ummmm… of cours,e I didn't specify on the label that there was food. I just said.. "gifts". Hahaha. It got through.This was like 2 years ago?So post-9/11… and I'm an Arab. lmao.

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