Without ice cream, life and fame are meaningless

I’ve forgotten what real ice cream tastes like.

I’ve been lured from the full cream stuff to visiting one of the hyper trendy frozen yogurt shops, my favorite being Yogurtland. I can’t resist their rotating flavors (root beer float, tiramisu, orange cream, etc) and their especially alluring topping bar (vanilla wafers and mochi!). Going to those places is fine and all, but you know it’s becoming a problem when a sample of real ice cream completely blows your mind.

Brown bread ice cream

Enter the recipe for brown bread ice cream from Epicurious. Pretty simple ingredients without need for an ice cream maker. Vanilla bean, eggs, brown bread, sugar (brown and white) and lots of cream. Hello prewedding diet. You are now officially history.

The brown bread crumbed and mixed with brown and white sugar and toasted until caramelized. Incorporated into the whipped cream and custard based, they are crunchy nuggets reminding me of praline. It’s a very rich ice cream.

Folding in the toasted bread

The 6 to 8 servings in the recipe is misleading because the ice cream lasted only 3 days in our household despite Paul’s initial remarks that the tasting was interesting. I just chalk it up that he was playing coy while secretly eating it straight from the container while I was doing other things. Yeah, I totally know what goes on in the kitchen.

Recipe here.

4 thoughts on “Without ice cream, life and fame are meaningless

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  1. Sounds interesting! However now I want root beer float+mochi. I guess I'll have to get over my 'tastes like soured milk' froyo aversion.

  2. Ohhh fun! I oughta invest in an ice cream maker given how fast my family polishes off ice cream too!

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