It’s here once again…

Never going to make anything out of this cookbook

In the spirit of the Comic Con invading my hometown, I’ve posted a page from The Mighty Marvel Superhero’s Cookbook — it’s the only cookbook I have in my possession that I never plan to cook a recipe from.

My husband, Paul will be at his usually spot that he is every year promoting his comic strip, Cool Jerk and I’ll just be wandering about in normal pedestrian clothing.

4 thoughts on “It’s here once again…

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  1. Oh come on, cook something from the book! We are skipping ComicCon this year, after our first visit last year. I think we might make it an every other year thing. It's just so crowded.

  2. Dan Garion–Another time. I may "cook" something out of boredom.Daniela–Thank you!JustJenn–Maybe the cookbook fairy will grace you with your own copy because you can't have mine!

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