It’s not all about comics

This year many people stopped at the Paul's booth in small press asking where I was -- specifically because I was featured in this strip. It left me a bit uneasy because the booth is all about Cool Jerk. I really don't have anything to do with it except occasionally making change out of large... Continue Reading →

It’s here once again…

In the spirit of the Comic Con invading my hometown, I've posted a page from The Mighty Marvel Superhero's Cookbook -- it's the only cookbook I have in my possession that I never plan to cook a recipe from.My husband, Paul will be at his usually spot that he is every year promoting his comic... Continue Reading →

Syrup and candy

There's not much I can add about this year's Comic Con. The event took over downtown for a few days and luckily I didn't have to travel too far to help my fiance at his booth.There were no lack of pirates and the whole Lords of the Rings phase has died out due to the... Continue Reading →

Recovering from SDCCI

Downtown Gaslamp on Sunday.I'm back in Los Angeles, unfortunately returning to work today but looking forward to showing my brother and his girlfriend around the city. As for the convention, I had the most fun I had in a while. The Cool Jerk table was highly successful this year and I got to meet a... Continue Reading →

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