Why did Snoopy quit the comic strip? Because he was tired of working for peanuts.

Scott Pilgrim

Another San Diego Comic-Con has ended. Like many conventions, it’s been enjoyable to catch up with fellow exhibitors who have also become friends over the years, talking to many people who read Paul’s comic strip that have filtered over to my food blog and making new friends. It’s always sad when it’s finally over.

I attended all four days of the convention, including the 3 hours of preview night. I was backup and support at the Cool Jerk table located in small press — the same spot we’ve been in for the last 8 years. It’s a lot of hard work with most nights going to bed near midnight and waking up at the crack of dawn to get down to the convention center early to hopefully beat the crowds (we never did) and set up the table.

Luckily I had the opportunity to walk around, check out a few of the exhibits and return to the table when the aisles were overflowing with people.

Pricey Con Food
Part  of my job helping Paul was to get lunch every day during the convention. We avoid the convention food like the plague. A hot chicken sandwich for $8.25? No way. But it seems like the Monarch can afford it. But it seemed to be a popular option with many people with long lines around lunch time.

Joker on the street

Instead, I went to Ralph’s to pick up a sandwich or a burrito. It was nice to get out in the sunshine and take in some fresh air. It’s not every day you see someone dressed like Joker walking down the street. Even more interesting were the stares the “common folk” on lunch break would shoot them.

Scott Pilgrim garlic bread
On the way to Ralph’s, I walked by the Scott Pilgrim Experience across the tracks from the convention center near the Hilton. They offered free garlic bread every day. Not very good garlic bread but people were eager for free food, especially while waiting in line to grab a free t-shirt. During the convention, Scott Pilgrim was the talk of the convention especially with the upcoming movie and the new book out. Unfortunately I had an two encounters with my own evil ex-boyfriend #1, the first while buying issue 6 of Scott Pilgrim. An ironic coincidence, no?

Scripts for $10

Saturday on the way to grab some lunch, I saw a small gaggle of people gathered around a guy with a megaphone. As I came closer to the group, I saw it was Joshua Jackson, holding his very own Pacey-Con. With the theme song to Dawson’s Creek blaring, he was selling Dawson’s Creek fanfic for $10. And yes, I did buy a copy of  the script aptly named “Pacey and Joey Have 6 Kids” — I was refunded my $10 shortly afterward despite being asked questions about Dawson’s Creek I had no answer for. “Who was the principal of the high school?” “What was the name of the restaurant Pacey worked for?” I knew none of those answers but still walked away with the script and it was signed to me! Admittedly, I took a few photos with him — he was Pacey after all! — but I later found on Sunday night this was a spoof for Funny or Die. You can watch the gag here. It’s pretty funny.

Helmets from Thor
If I learned one thing this year, it was not to take photos of props from the Marvel booth before the convention hall was open to the attendees. I saw a very important prop from the upcoming Thor movie and thinking it was a great opportunity, I whipped out my crappy camera phone and attempted to take a photo. I guess I didn’t hear them shout “no photos!” because I was soon stopped by security so they could erase the photo. Fortunately for me, there was no photo and I was allowed to walk away. With my phone intact.

Fake food for sale

Despite the comics theme for the event there were a handful of vendors that didn’t sell comics. Take for instance this woman selling fake food. Fake turkey drumsticks were going for $50 and a small slice of pizza is $15. There was fake food jewelry available as well.

Speaking of food, several people stopped by Paul’s table hoping to find me there: Kirby Cravings and her boyfriend bought some original art and filled us in on the stabbing in Hall H, Canine Cologne‘s husband dropped off candy for me — unfortunately I was away from the table, Kim the cat girl, initially a Cool Jerk fan and stopped by to tell me she reads my blog as well and like to bake cakes from a box and finally Rebecca from Dine & Devour who was told to look for me by her friend Morgan. Although it’s a bit of a surprise for me initially, it’s always nice to meet people familiar with my blog.

Other highlights were seeing Abby Denson again from City Sweet Tooth, helping behind the tables for JustJenn Designs and Agreeable Comics when I wasn’t working at the Cool Jerk table, being an honored recipient of a huge bag of candy and other goodies from Bavarian Erin, a new addition to my Batgirl collection from Sarah Kuhn and her husband JustJeff and an adorable squirrel print from Jodi. It’s just like Christmas but in July.

Check out the rest of my photos here.

A comic-con update from Paul will be available later this week.

12 thoughts on “Why did Snoopy quit the comic strip? Because he was tired of working for peanuts.

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    1. As I was sitting down to watch Top Chef, I was thinking “I wish Jenn was here so we can make snarky comments about Angelo together.” Alas, I had to watch it alone.

  1. It looks like you had an awesome time! When I see your Comic-con photos it makes me wish I wasn’t stuck here in the midwest but instead be in SD reliving my geeky high school and college years! (that doesn’t mean to say that I’m not living a geeky adult life).

  2. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right — you’re hilarious! Jealous about the whole Dawson’s Creek thing.

  3. It was nice to see you and Paul again. Cool Jerk’s booth was so busy! I really liked the original sketches. You were so fast to put up this recap. I still need to write up my Comic Con post and go through all my pics. Btw, did the fist bumping stop you from getting sick?

    1. Having a busy booth is good for business. And I remembered the story you told me about fist-bumping and hence no, post-con flu! It was good to see you too!

  4. hi darlene – too bad i didn’t get to go this year. hopefully i can go to paul’s next signing. i’d love to read his compilations.

    great con pix!!! can you believe how big it’s gotten over the years?

    1. Buy tickets as soon as they are available! I’ll let you know when Paul has a signing but we are just in the discussion stages. We’ve spent the past week recovering from the convention.

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