That’s the way the cookie crumbles


There’s something about the cold and rain combined with the fall season that makes me want to bake. It’s the warmth of the oven and the smell of something baking that always lures me into a project while it is wet outside. It must have been the rain but I wanted to make a batch of cookies despite my hatred of making them, especially when it means handling the dough for much of the process. But I was feeling optimistic and hopeful — I wanted to tackle something new.

So when I look for a cookie recipe to try, I always turn to Martha Stewart’s Cookie book. That book is like porn to me. All the photos are so beautiful to look at and makes me think for one instant that I too can turn out perfect cookies. Say like the icebox spiral and bull’s eye cookies. Boy, was I wrong.



Instead of perfect cookies with concentric circles of vanilla and chocolate cookie dough for the bull’s eye, it looks like bone marrow slices. And spirals? Close but no cookie. Next time I’ll stick to drop cookies with a little less precision in rolling. Or maybe I’ll just start a category with all my cookie failures.

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  1. I love shortbread spirals. I make them at least once a year. Mine always come out perfectly spiraled. The key is once you’ve rolled them tightly, wrap in cellophane and let chill at least overnight. When I am ready to bake, I’ll pull it out and divide in half, sticking one half back in fridge while I slice the other and place on the sheets. That way the dough has no time to come to room temp which can cause them to lose shape when slicing. Don’t give up! Try again! xoxoxo

    1. I kept the cookie dough in the refrigerator for several hours — I actually have some in there now but still have problem with the dough. I think it was the execution of actually rolling up the dough. Sigh.

  2. yeah! bone marrow cookies! i’d eat those! : )

    i’m with you – too much dough handling is a deal breaker when looking at cookie recipes. i guess i am too lazy. at least you attempted them.

  3. Did they at least taste good? I’ve made quite a few ugly baked goods in my past, but at least most of them tasted good (I think…). Bone marrow cookies though. I’m with CC – I’ll eat those!

  4. Still it looks good and I hope it was delicious. Thank you for sharing this one and I love it. I also failed several times just trying to cook a cookies especially in our subject culinary. It was not my major but we do have a subject like that. I love cookies but I think cookies doesn’t like me.
    @Ani, Thanks for sharing those tips. I will try your suggestions and hope I can make not so perfect but better cookies than before.

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