The Place Where The Ice Cream Trucks Go: Circus Man Ice Cream

Ice cream selection

There’s a place where the ice cream trucks go to stock up on snacks, chips, candy and — of course — ice cream. And it’s in the last location you would ever imagine: National City.

During a trip back north from my old haunting grounds in the South Bay, I saw from the freeway a sign for Circus Man Ice Cream. Most of National City visible from Interstate 5 is pretty industrial, strewn with military buildings, warehouses and a few homes. It’s really not a destination for me until I saw the sign promising frosty treats.

What I imagined was a warehouse full of ice cream and other confections from my youth: Push-Up Pops, Firecrackers, Dipping Sticks, the list goes on. Yeah, I was the chubby kid that got her exercise by running after the ice cream truck. In reality, what I found was much different.

Circus Man front

Ice cream point

Circus Man Ice Cream is housed in what can be described as a small open warehouse. Behind the counter are a few people ready to take orders. Past the storefront and around the yard are several parked ice cream trucks – some barely qualifying for the name. If Sanford and Son had an ice cream side business, this place would be it. (The requisite junkyard dog greets you at the entrance.)

Ice Cream trucks

No order is too large. Taking the Costco mentality, the larger the order, the bigger the discount. A box of 48 popsicles will set you back a cool $8 for the cheapest variety. But even then pricing is confusing. Prices change regularly according to the staff.

Single Ice cream

While a bulk pack of one flavor (24 count) is daunting for a household of two people, they also sell individual bars in a separate bin. But quality tends to be an issue. A Big Dipper (a Drumstick equivalent) felt flat when I picked it up, obviously crushed by outside forces. It’s buyer beware in the single serve bin, but it’s a chance to try the Dora the Explorer pop with bubble gum eyes or Blue Bunny ice cream. And again, pricing is random. A box of 13 mixed bars came up to $11.75 with some sort of undefined discount.


There are more treats found in an adjacent shed, loaded with discounted chips and candies. My advice: don’t be afraid to ask if you’re looking for something in particular. They might just have it.

Ice Cream sign

Circus Man Ice Cream is open 7 days a week (call for operating hours). It can found at the west end of Harding Avenue where it dead ends with signs directing you to the store.

Circus Man Ice Cream
1037 Harding Avenue
National City, CA 91950

14 thoughts on “The Place Where The Ice Cream Trucks Go: Circus Man Ice Cream

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  1. One summer we got the Sponge Bob ice cream, with gumball eyes. It was interesting, but the boys didn’t like it when I told them they’d have to spit out the gum if they wanted to get back in the pool.

  2. Sanford and Son was one of my favorite tv shows when I was young!

    You fish eyed fool!

    Actually, I’m not surprised at all that this place is in National City. Lots of hidden gems there. Nice to know this place exists. Do you remember ‘grab bags’ for a quarter from your local ice cream truck? The treats would be different every time.

    1. Ha! Recently took same walk down memory lane…Gave kids Grab Bags for Halloween and immediate reaction of surprise from the children…

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