Fruit Options On-The-Go: Dole + Giveaway

Dole Fruit Cups and Shakers

There are times where there is absolutely no fresh fruit in the house. Even with my best of intentions, I discover while rushing out the door that we’ve run out of everything. No apples, no bananas, no oranges, nada. But I recently discovered Dole now has a variety of fruit cups available in the frozen food section.

The fruit cups are sold in packs of two and are flash frozen. There’s the option of blueberry, pineapple and strawberries. Each fruit cup is approximately 60 calories and can be eaten frozen (as I’ve been doing these past few summer mornings) or defrosted for a chilled fruit option. It’s not mushy (a really big thing with me) and the only ingredients are the fruit with no preservatives or sugar.


Also available from Dole are Fruit Smoothie Shakers. The fruit is pre-packed in a ready-to-drink, recycleable container. All you have to do is add orange juice, give it a shake and it’s prime for sipping. It’s a real convenience for me as I hate cleaning the blender after making smoothies. And at about 190 calories per a smoothie, its a quick breakfast/snack drink option loaded with calcium, vitamins, fiber and protein.

Smoothies are sold individually and found alongside the frozen fruit cups in most grocery stores.

Now is your chance to try them for free — perfect for the back-to-school season. Or if you’re like me, constantly-rushing-out-of-the-house-with-your-hair-still-wet-because-you-don’t-want-to-be late-for-work-5-days-a-week. You know what I mean.

Leave a comment of your favorite healthy fast food breakfast through Thursday, September 13 and I’ll randomly select one person to receive a Dole beach towel, a reusable shopping bag (that looks like a strawberry when tied up), 3 coupons for the Fruit Smoothie Shakers and 3 coupons for the Frozen Fruit cups. This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents. Sorry, rest-of-the-world.

Good luck!

Congratulations to comment number 3, Ren! Please email me your address and I’ll get the products over to you.

The products were provided complimentary of Dole and Golin Harris. I was not compensated for the review and opinions are entirely my own.

18 thoughts on “Fruit Options On-The-Go: Dole + Giveaway

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  1. I also love fruit smoothies but hate cleaning the blender. Lately, I’ve been making egg tacos for breakfast – corn tortilla in the toaster oven, eggs in the pan with a sprinkle of cheese and a dash of Tapatio. It’s pretty quick and still portable!

  2. i do love green smoothies, but yep, some days that blender cleaning is a deal breaker. i am very intrigued by these shaker thingies.

  3. i make green smoothies most mornings. 2 cups spinach, 1 frozen banana, and a cup of frozen mango, pineapple, and strawberry mixture. the blender usually rinses out pretty quickly

  4. i like my chocolate protein shake with almond milk for breakfast paired with a small fruit (usually a banana or apple slices).

    what a great giveaway! i like the idea of the frozen fruit cups!

  5. This might sound crazy…but cottage cheese with diced peaches, eaten with wheat thins or pita chips! Salty and sweet.

  6. Hi Darlene-I love your blog! Oftentimes, I’ll make some toast (good quality artisan bread), spread it with a bit of butter, a smidgen of Vegemite (a little goes a LONG way), and top it with havarti cheese…yum!

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