Strange Tables: C.B. Cebulski on San Diego Food, Cooking and Comics

In the past few years I’ve been talking to a lot of people about food at comic-con. When people find out I’m a food blogger and wrote a comic about food blogging, the conversation naturally turns to food. I’m happy to oblige but when it’s about food AND comics, I’m ecstatic. So when I had the opportunity to meet with C. B. Cebulski, I  jumped at the chance to ask him about those two subjects.

C.B. tweeted out my post The League of Extraordinary Appetites: Where to Eat Downtown for Comic-Con a few days before the convention. Later, I introduced myself to him as he was leaving the Dos Equis dinner which preceded the one I attended on Thursday. On Saturday, I attended a panel about creativity in comics and food that featured C.B. and other people in the comics and food community. 

C.B. is well-known in the comics industry: he’s penned The Loners and is currently the talent scout for Marvel Comics. But C.B.’s equally well-known for his love of food that’s documented in his popular blog, Eataku. After playing text tag, C.B. had a few moments to talk to me about his love of food. (When I finally caught up with him, he was carrying a bag full of Star Wars Lightsaber Pocky.)

I asked him what he loves about San Diego, who he would want to cook for him among the Marvel artists, if he foresees Marvel doing food-centric comic, and — MOST importantly — who in the Marvel Universe would be the best cook.

It was a great conversation with a really nice guy. If he wasn’t so busy, I would have loved to take him around San Diego in search of good ramen. (I have a few places in mind.) But there’s always next year.

You can follow C.B.’s eating adventures here.

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  1. Some good points on Jarvis but technically he’s not a hero. My bet would be Scarlet Witch. She would increase the probability of something turning out just right.

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