Dos Equis’ Bazaar Noir: A Night of Crickets, Kangaroo and Exotics

Bazaar Noir Band

Dos Equis is doing it again and establishing their brand as exotic and worldly. And it did it in spades with their Bazaar Noir event last week held downtown at Block 16. Prior to the event , I didn’t know what to expect. The only instructions was not to wear anything bright.

Like a lucid dream, I’m still trying to to make sense of the evening. Here is some photographic evidence of what went down that evening.


Lineup for the cricket tacos

There were several costumed characters hosting the evening. It was a mix of the mysterious orient with a New Orleans vibe. A woman with a crystal ball early in the evening whispered in my ear asking if I preferred sweet or savory (I answered sweet). She followed up with another question— if I was allergic to scorpion venom (not that I know of). She proceeded to put a few drops of something in my Dos Equis margarita. I’m still here to tell the tale but it might explain some missing memories… I joke.

Duck Tongue

Duck Tongue closeup

BBQ Kangaroo Bahn mi

BBQ Kangaroo Banh Mi

There were a few exotic food stations to be discovered in the darkness. The duck tongue with fire roasted peanuts in lettuce cups and BBQ kangaroo bahn mi were created by MIHO Gastrotruck. The were both delicious and went down smooth. (When you tried a food, the server would punch the corner of a Dos Equis card, proving you experienced it.)

Tacos de chapulines

cricket taco

But it was tacos de chapulines that I had to psych myself up to eat — a cricket taco. The crickets were fried and served with fire-roasted salsa and guacamole on a purple corn tortilla. The crickets were crunchy and throughout the evening, I felt like I had antenna stuck between my teeth. I don’t think I would eat this again anytime soon. With the red interior lights it was hard to see how many crickets were on the taco but I spotted a detail photo online (above) well after I ate my taco. No word on who provided these treats. The person at the station serving these up watched as you ate one before punching your card.

Regular food like grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburger sliders and fried avocado rolls was also being passed around in case none of the above sat in your stomach comfortably.

Millepede closeup

Paul with baby alligator

My new pet

In an attempt to work all your senses, there was also a touch portion of the evening. Several exotic animals were brought out. There was an option to touch only one but I handled all of them. The worst was the millepede but holding the baby alligator was thrilling. It weighed about 25 pounds and didn’t budge while it rested on my arm.

Once all four corners of the card were punched out, you were invited to a room to check out a dance performance. Slits in a wall revealed a mirrored room and a tattooed dancing girl. There was no nudity but it was probably what a peep show is like. In all honesty, I would have preferred to have seen her eat a cricket taco instead.

Scorpion lollipop

It was a fun evening and I got to walk away with a cricket lollipop as a souvenir. Dos Equis definitely knows how to throw a most interesting party.

Dos Equis is throwing a few of these parties around the United States in select cities.  Be on the look out for details on online or on their Facebook page.

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