Make It On Your Own: Carl’s Jr. Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich

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When Carl’s Jr. introduced their Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich, I immediately became irritated. It represented to me laziness that someone at Carl’s Jr. thought there was an audience for pre-made Pop-Tart sandwiches. It isn’t rocket science, people… and even though $1.49 for half a pastry with ice cream isn’t a lot, it’s a lot more satisfying to make it at home.

Pop Tarts and Ice cream

At most big box stores, a box of 6 Pop-Tarts runs about $1.50. Grab some premium ice cream and you have yourself a Carl’s Jr. creation. Making it at home is so much more satisfying. You get to chose your own Pop-Tart and ice cream flavor combination.

Ice cream scoop

If you’re like me, one flavor of Pop-Tart isn’t enough. Why not go with two different Pop-Tarts for the top and bottom? So foregoing the strawberry and vanilla combination available at Carl’s, I opted for a peanut butter/chocolate theme. Two recently released Pop-Tart flavors (part of their ‘Go Nutty’ line) are frosted chocolate peanut butter and peanut butter. Ice cream was a no brainer. Nothing but Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter World would do. (It’s only available at Target.) The Peanut Butter World has chunks of peanut butter and chocolate cookies swirled into their decadent chocolate ice cream. I try to keep a pint in the freezer at all times in case of an emergency or in case they discontinue making it.

Separately, each one of these items is delicious… but together, it’s harmonious. More importantly, I can craft it any way I like. (I prefer lightly toasting the tarts before assembling it.)

Two ice cream sandwiches

Ice cream sandwich

I may go to Carl’s Jr. to check out their version but I thank them for giving me a great new dessert idea I can make at home.

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  1. And now I have to go to Target in search of Peanut Butter World ice cream. I thought I had found ice cream perfection in Chocolate Therapy, but it may get bumped down a notch now.

  2. Oo, Peanut Butter World… this sounds like something I must try! I tried the pop tart sandwich thing when Jake and I were wandering around Downtown during Comic Con. There was a Carl’s Jr truck that had them and Jake bought one. They also gave him a pin that said “I Tarted Today”. I think it would have tasted better maybe with hot pop tarts, but then again, it would get all crazy melted.

    1. I think Peanut Butter World is possibly one of the best ice creams ever if you love chocolate and peanut butter. I slightly heat up the Pop-Tart just to get it pliable so when you bite down on the ice cream sandwich, it won’t crumble.

  3. This is GENIUS! Much better made at home and making your own combo’s too.

    Isn’t the demographic for Carl’s lazy college dudes? They’re certainly not going to want to take the extra effort to make this “dessert” on their own, haha.

    1. re: lazy college dudes. Yeah, I forgot Carl’s Jr. catered to that set. Makes sense now why the hired Paris Hilton a few years ago to advertise one of their burger while wearing a bikini.

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