Another San Diego Cronut Contender: Paris Baguette’s Croissant Donut


The universe must be telling me something because right after I tried Azucar’s Cray-nut, I saw Paris Baguette’s Zion location advertising their own version, simply called Croissant Donut. In fact there’s no mention of the word “cronut,” only that it’s a pastry hybrid in New York City.

I asked about it at the counter and was told that it’s available every day at 1 p.m. in limited quantities. So I made a point to trudge over there and check it out. I was 10 minutes early to beat a rush (just in case) but there was no line. Regardless, I was told to wait until the appointed time.

Paris Baguette Croissant Donut

When the clock hit 1, a stripe-shirted guy from the back came out with a tray of croissant donuts in a clear box. He must have missed the memo because he called out ‘Cronuts!’ and people starting coming out of the woodwork.

Only one croissant donut was allowed per person which angered a few people who had apparently been waiting for a while. Or at least from what I could overhear. Paris Baguette sells these highly sought items at $3 each — a dollar less than the ones at Azucar. Aside from the price difference there a few things that set it apart from the ones in Ocean Beach.

Croissant Donut half

First off, Paris Baguette’s version is a larger pastry topped with vanilla cream with a tiny hint of lemon flavoring. But once you dissect it, you notice the cream runs throughout the pastry. It’s extremely flaky (reminiscent of Pillsbury’s Flaky Layers biscuits), a wee bit oily in some bites but superior to Azucar’s version in both price and final product. Frankly, it’s just delicious. I can see why there’s a craze for it in NYC but it’s not worth paying more than list price.  Once you eat it, it’s gone. Well, unless you take a picture of it.

Messed up Croissant Donut

Living a few minutes away from Paris Baguette makes it easier for me to check them out. Otherwise, I would have written these off. I recommend trying one if you’re curious and in the area before 1 p.m.

Paris Baguette
7655 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92111

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12 thoughts on “Another San Diego Cronut Contender: Paris Baguette’s Croissant Donut

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  1. Yeah, every time I’ve been to either Paris Baguette, the people working there just call them cronuts. I suppose no one’s regulating what you say, but if you put it on a sign you’ll be in trouble. Plus, “cronut” is easier to say than “croissant doughnut”.

    I saw the sign at the Zion location that said you could order 10 or more, and on the drive home I thought that might be an easier way to get a cronut so we stopped at the H Mart location. But, the H Mart location doesn’t do special orders of cronuts, you can only pre-order them to pick up on a later day. At the H Mart location, they set aside half the amount for walk-ins (20 on weekdays, 30 on weekends) and the other half is for pre-orders.

    I think their cronut is pretty tasty. It’s also pretty decadent, so at least it’s not something I’ll be craving every day.

  2. I still don’t get the hype for this but I agree that Paris Baguette looks so much better than the option at Azucar.

    1. Yeah, unless Azucar changes their Cray-nut to the original, I would bypass them completely. It’s not a fad until they sell them at Starbucks!

  3. Only one per? Well, at least it’s fair. That would suck being in line and all the greedy people in front bought 3 or 4 or 10 at a time. The amount they make (20) for walk ins in kind of stingy. I think it’s still all hype right now, these types of “limitations”, but yeah, PB’s version looks way better than Azucar’s!

    1. I totally hated myself for getting one and buying into the hype but felt sorry for the guy that was waiting a long time. I think they should specify on the signage that it’s only limited one to a person and what time they’re available.

      1. I’m still very curious to taste this but am willing to wait. Well, at least you tried one of the versions in SD. Consider it “research”! 🙂

  4. I thought it was very rich also..glad I got the last one and shared it. The poster inside Zion did have the word “Kronut” on it, along with a photo of the original place in NYC…but that was weeks ago and probably some lawyers got involved and made them change everything.

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