Glendora’s Donut Man: Overstuffed Strawberry Donuts

Donut Man exterior

Donut Man has been on my must-visit list for months. My first attempt was a failure. I made it to their Glendora location, about an hour from Burbank and approximately two hours from San Diego, and they were closed for a holiday. (They are usually open 24 hours.)

Prior to this visit, I called and confirmed they were open and were selling their strawberry-stuffed donuts.

Donut Man boxes of strawberries

It’s pretty late in the strawberry season but it’s a good sign when you pull up and see pallets of empty strawberry boxes lined up against the building. Donut Man’s strawberry- and peach-stuffed donuts are infamous. People leave the confines of their L.A. hubs to buy them when in season.

Donut Man other donuts
Donut Man stuffed donuts

Other donuts are displayed within their glass-front building but nothing could divert my attention from the strawberry donuts. Strawberry donuts (and peach when available) are $3.50 each. The rest of their donuts range from less than a dollar for cake and old-fashioned donuts to $1.70 for filled donuts (including creme cheese and peanut butter) and $2 for fritters, bear claws and cinnamon rolls.

Donut Man stuffed donut closeup

Donut Man holding a donut

For their strawberry donut, a glazed raised donut is slit half-way open and stuffed with glazed strawberries cut in half. A strawberry donut automatically comes with a fork which came handy. I picked individual strawberries off the donut and ate them separately, cutting down the possibility of losing strawberries when holding the donut. Donuts are meant to be eaten by hand and while I cheated a bit on this rule, I also didn’t lose any precious fruit in the process.

The donut may look overly sweet but it’s not. The natural sweetness of the strawberries shines through and helped with only a little additional sweetness in the glaze. I recommend bringing wipes if you decide eat this by hand.

The drive is long but if you’re in the Los Angeles area and willing to travel to Glendora, Donut Man is seriously worth a visit.

Donut Man
915 E Route 66
Glendora, CA 91740

13 thoughts on “Glendora’s Donut Man: Overstuffed Strawberry Donuts

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  1. I’ve heard so many good things about this place and it’s on my list. I need to get there to try their strawberry donut before it’s gone

  2. I visited them I think two years ago! We actually went pretty late at night but they were still cranking out fresh donuts. The strawberry filled ones looked too sweet for me at the time though – but your pics of them are fab!

    1. That’s great to hear that they make fresh donuts into the night. Good thing it’s so far away because it would be hard to resist visiting them any time the craving hits.

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