“Weird” Things I Like to Eat

In conjunction with the Halloween season, I thought it would be fun to write about the weird things I eat. I realize what’s weird to others isn’t weird to me. In fact, it’s delicious!

Chicken gizzards

Grilled chicken gizzard

Some of my fondest memories involves my mom’s cooking. Growing up, I thought she was the best cook in the world and she never wasted anything! Fried chicken was common at home and keeping with using everything, she would also fry the chicken gizzard.  My brother Warren and I would fight over who got to eat it.

The now defunct Yakitori Yakyudori in Hillcrest used to serve a skewer of cleaned, trimmed and grilled chicken gizzards. No connective ligaments here! All pure gizzardy goodness!!

Turkey butts

It’s been a while since I thought of turkey butts but with the holidays fast approaching, I’m remembering how much I loved them.

Turkey butts are fatty pieces of turkey that are usually discarded but once they’re fried or roasted, they rival chiccarone in taste and fattiness. I recall someone telling me that they’re sometimes offered at some bars and called ‘Pope’s nose.’


Chicken on the bone versus boneless chicken appeals to me for many reasons. There’s more flavor with the skin and with the bone, there’s also cartilage.

Crunching on the white opaque segment is satisfying (Paul thinks it’s disgusting). But it’s good to know that I’m not alone. Chicken cartilage can be found in some Asian restaurants.

Shrimp heads

It was only recently that I started eating shrimp heads. Those black eyes looking back at you never really bothered me but what was found inside those heads did. Luckily I got over my fear and discovered they’re delicious when deep fried.

The shrimp and skin become fragile and easily crack when under the force a bite, oozing all the delicious head goo into your mouth. Nice imagery, right?


Before eating head to tail was a thing, I was slurping up my dad’s oxtail soup. Oxtail segments are mixed with crushed tomatoes and plenty of garbanzo beans and served with rice. It was a dish that warmed me up from the inside out. And prying the meat from the oxtail segments was fun.

9 thoughts on ““Weird” Things I Like to Eat

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  1. Those aren’t wierd at all. I think they’re pretty normal, especially growing up 2nd gen Filipino. We got the best of both worlds, I think. American food at school and traditional Filipino food at home.

    I like everything you had on that list. My bro, sis and I used to fight over the chicken breastbone cartilage when we were younger. We also used to like chicken hearts! My late father in law’s favorite was turkey butts too! Shrimp heads are the best! Suck out that nice red fat!

    1. Despite everything on my list, I don’t like chicken hearts or liver at all! I think it has to do something with the texture. I’m craving shrimp heads right now….

  2. I love fried shrimp heads! It’s the main reason I order ama ebi, actually. T thinks it’s a little weird, but every now and then he’ll munch on a leg just to see if it still weirds him out.

    I’ve never seen packaged turkey butts – where do you get them?

    1. I remember you ordering shrimp heads at a sushi restaurant once. I looked away and they were gone. They are SO GOOD!

      My mom buys turkey butts at a Navy grocery store. I’ve only seen it once at Sprouts and it seemed like they were also clearing out other undesirable parts as well that time (neck, hearts, etc.)

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