Dominique Ansel: Copycat Cookie Shots

Remember about a year ago the Cronut arrived on the scene and what followed was a slew of Dominique Ansel copycat creations? Well look what’s he’s “created” this year for SXSW- cookie shots.

Ahem. For the regular readers of my blog that go back two years, does it even seem the slight bit familiar to something I did back in 2012??

Dessert Shooters

For new readers, that photo went viral two years ago – an idea I came up in and led to me writing The Girl with the Donut Tattoo – and it was profiled in Laughing Squid, Food Beast and several other notable websites. To this day, it continues to have a life on its own. Granted, Ansel’s cookie shots stand on their own and hold milk instead of Kahlua but I find the similarities just a bit too eerie. Am I upset? Maybe, but it’s nothing that a donut can’t solve.

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