Cupcake Mashup: Sprinkles’ Cookie Cupcake

When it comes to cupcakes, I consider that dessert a little long in the tooth in terms of trends. When I first started blogging 12 years ago, my very first post was about cupcakes. I then dove headlong into the dessert when I lived in Los Angeles where cupcakes were going strong and later were served in lieu of a big cake when Paul and I got married.

Sprinkles website

But darn it if I wasn’t drawn in again, this time with SprinklesCookie Cupcake. The hybrid dessert is described as being a chocolate chip-studded yellow cake lined with cookie crust topped with brown sugar frosting and dusted with cookie crumbles. With my interest piqued — and knowing it would only be available until May 31 — I booked over to La Jolla to grab myself one.

Cookie Cupcake

Aside from the Cookie Cupcake, I also picked up three other cupcakes just to round out my order to a whopping $15.80 total not including tax. (All cupcakes are $3.95.)

With regards to the regular cupcakes, nothing much has changed. The frosting is still tooth-achingly sweet and depending on the cake flavor, the crumb can range from dry to acceptably moist.

Cookie Cupcake Cross section

But on to the Cookie Cupcake. A cross section cut shows a definite layer between the cake, a thin layer brown butter frosting and a cookie crumble topping. Not included with the initial description is a almost a cookie crust on the very bottom.

Cookie Cupcake in hand

Compared to Sprinkles’ regular offerings, this was noticeable less sweet. If all the cupcakes ranked 10 on a sweetness scale, these cookie cupcakes were around a 6 or 7. I imagine if there was more frosting, it would be much higher.

I also found the cake to be unusually dry. If the cake was moist, I’m sure mini chocolate chips would add a nice textural contrast but I got nothing from them. And the crumb toppings both on the top and bottom were kind of a nice touch but again, it only separated dry cake from drier crumbles.

Suffice to say that I didn’t get a cookie/cupcake hybrid feeling to them and would be much more satisfied eating a great cupcake with a cookie on top.

Speaking of cookies, aside from cupcakes Sprinkles also sells cookies, brownies and ice cream.

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