Mom Memories 1944-2014

With the holidays here, I meant for this post to be roundup of my Thanksgiving meal. Like a good food blogger (which I haven’t been these last few months), I planned for pulled turkey tacos, corn salsa and bevy of desserts. I called it the anti-Thanksgiving, forgoing traditional items with a new spin. Instead, I mourned... Continue Reading →

Well, That Face Looks Familiar

See the entire video focusing on Miramar/Clairemont by the San Diego Tourism Authority here. It's part of a fabulous project highlighting different nine areas of San Diego that includes City Height, Barrio Logan and Point Loma. I learned so much from watching the other videos and discovered some new spots to check out.

Dominique Ansel: Copycat Cookie Shots

Remember about a year ago the Cronut arrived on the scene and what followed was a slew of Dominique Ansel copycat creations? Well look what's he's "created" this year for SXSW- cookie shots. Ahem. For the regular readers of my blog that go back two years, does it even seem the slight bit familiar to something... Continue Reading →

Guessing Game: Pizza or Flatbread?

Has the term "flatbread" become interchangeable for pizza? For me, flatbread was always something plain or lightly dressed. Think crackers but not coming from box. But as of late it's taking on a new look. Fully loaded pieces of flatbread are common on menus. And often times it requires it to be eat with utensils.... Continue Reading →

Food Photos: The 100% Real Deal

Lately I've been fussing over my food photos. I've been so unhappy with them. It's several different issues which I'm convinced is partly due to my camera. The colors are off. Photography in dark restaurants is an issue. And there's only so much I can do in Photoshop. But recently I found a food blog... Continue Reading →

You May Have a Problem If… read a food catalog at the gym. Specifically, a Zingerman's holiday catalog. The gym photo was taken at my chubbiest fattest immediately after our road trip. But I've been working out since November and finally happy with myself again.

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